If you truly feel that it is your destiny to be with your ex and that the break-up was a horrible mistake, then it is time to take action to get her back into your life. If you are serious about reconciling with the love of your life, be prepared to put a lot of thought and preparation into this difficult, but not impossible, task.

Although this will require a lot of self control after being rejected, sometimes the first step to learning to get her back is to get her attention by simply stepping back and away from her for a while.

No matter how painful and impossible this seems to do at the time, it is the only way that she can really begin to realize, after a small length of time, that she misses you terribly and wants you and needs you back in her life.

Distancing yourself from her is the first and most important thing that you can do in order to be able to start fresh with her. This will give you the time that you desperately need to regain your composure and self control, emotionally heal, and develop the attitude that is required in order to learn to get her back.

Since women consider men that appear hopeless, depressed, and obsessed a big turn off, it is essential that you develop a new attitude and break those old habits before you begin the important task of trying to win her back.

Although the idea of flirting with someone else probably doesn't appeal to you at all, it is a wonderful way to regain your self confidence and help you remember how to get her back. The only way to help her to realize how badly she needs you in her life and can't stand the thought of you with someone else is to move on by flirting with someone new which will not only make you feel more self confident but will also make her feel jealous at the idea of no longer having you in her life and in love with her.

In order for this to really work, it is imperative that you appear to be cool, calm, and collected if you really want her back in your life. The only way to make her forget about the old needy and upset you is to really appear to be healing from the break-up of your relationship and enjoying your life so that she can feel safe and confident that you are the kind of man that she wants back.

Remember that she was attracted to you at one time, so if you always dress your very best and show that you care about your appearance, then she will begin to yearn for you once again. Showing that you take pride in your appearance and taking the initiative to keep yourself looking great will go a long way in convincing her that you are worth fighting for and that she needs you in her life.

I have also experienced the heartbreak of losing the love of my life and have had to seek outside help to learn about these same beginning steps in order to reclaim my lost love.

When I was in desperate need and had nowhere else to turn, I found a very easy to understand and apply book called "The Magic of Making Up" written by T 'Dub' Jackson which helped me tremendously. I am happy to report that "absence did make the heart grow fonder" and I did win her back and we are happier and more committed than ever.

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