Are you longing for what used to be and wanting to reconnect with a lost love? Would you like to make another try at a difficult relationship? If you follow the process outlined below, you can discover how to get him back.

1 - Most importantly, you must remember that you need to have patience, so don't rush into things, but instead give your ex a smile when you see him, or or greet him and give him a wave every now and then.

Make sure you keep eye contact with him so he knows he is the one you are communicating with, but don't let your communication with him go further.

2 - Slowly attempt to start having conversations with him again, and try to speak with him when you see him, but make sure you keep the conversations simple and short.

Don't share a lot of information with him, because most men are turned on by a mysterious woman. If you happen to see him at a social event or a party, and your friends arrive, think about ending your conversation with your ex and returning to your friends.

This shows him that even though you enjoy talking to him, he is not the most important thing in your life, and you might also want to do a little bit of flirting as well.

3 - Make sure that you are looking and smelling your very best, and that you always keep your look fresh and updated, so he won't lose interest in you.

It is also important to put some effort into how you look because keeping yourself attractive gives off an air of confidence and shows that you respect yourself, which is very attractive to most men.

4 - Every now and then be sure to give your ex some truthful compliments, so you can ensure that any time your ex is with you he feels good, if you are serious about getting him back.

Remind him of all of the good times the two of you had, talk about great memories the two of you share, and also remind him of the very best times in your relationship and enjoy sharing these memories with him while you work to get back together.

The most important thing for you to do is become friends with your ex, and then if he wants to get back together, he will make sure you know. Be a good friend to him, have fun with him, and share your feelings with him, and he will be sure to tell you if he wants to rekindle your romance.

Pace yourself and don't be too desperate, it's better to lay low and make him come back to you. If you two are meant to be together, you will be, and you'll know what it takes to get him back as well.

This list is just the first steps of how to get him back. I followed this process when the love of my dreams left me, and to be honest I did not come up with these ideas.

When I didn't know how to get my ex back, I went to T 'Dub' Jackson and followed the easy and practical plan that he authored known as "The Magic of Making Up." Believe it or not, the plan worked like a charm and now our love is stronger than ever before.

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