Looking to get hired at Canadian Tire? Whether you’re applying for your first job or not there are several things you should keep in mind to get hired at any job including a job with Canadian Tire. This article looks at several techniques you can apply to increase your chances of getting the job.

Job Opportunities

Spend some time getting to know as much as possible about Canadian Tire. Go to the store and have a look around and visit the site on the Internet. Have a look at the careers section on their website and find out if there are any specialized jobs available that you might want to look into. This is something you can do if you already have marketable skills that Canadian Tire is looking for and can increase your chances of getting hired to a better position. For example, if you’re fresh out of a mechanic course you might be able to get a job in the automotive department of the store.  The chain has both full-time and part-time work but it will be easier to get a part time job that one that offers full-time at least to start. Students and those without much training will most likely only receive part-time work. Spend some time looking through the employment opportunities on the site before you apply for a job so you get a general idea of what the company does and what types of employees they hire. A little research before you apply to this company can go a long way to helping you get hired.

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Your Resume

Before you apply for the job, make sure your résumés up to date. For professional people this won’t pose much of a problem but for younger applicants this can prove to be an intimidating process. If you have never made a résumé it’s not that difficult to do. What you want to to highlight some sort of skill you have if this is your first job. Let’s say for example that you babysit on weekends. This might not seem like skill, but it is. This skill shows the employer that you have responsibility. Let’s say you are good with computers and know plenty about them. Knowledge of computers would also be considered a marketable skill. If you still feel like you have no skills at least put down that you are hardworking and willing to learn new things. Other things you might add are any volunteer work you do at school. You can also have someone do up the résumé for you if you’re not sure how to proceed. Make sure you also write a good cover letter to go along with the résumé. You may not need this but it’s always good to have one ready just in case.


For most full-time jobs you can just apply for them online. For part-time basic work at Canadian Tire you should go to the store and ask for an application. Before you go make sure you’re dressed in some decent clothes. Your hoodie and baggy pants aren’t going to be good enough. You might think that they are but you want to make a good first impression even if it’s just to pick up a job application.  Once you get to the store don’t ask the first person you see at the counter for an application, you want a manager. Asking for someone higher up shows the store that you are interested in a job. Introduce yourself to the manager and then ask for the application, make note of their name or just ask for it. This can really make a big difference and your application may get picked out of the pile before someone else for that interview. File out the application to the best of your ability and return it to the store.

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The Waiting Process

You’ll spend some time waiting for a call for an interview and you might not receive a call so there are a few things you can try. Wait one week and then call the store and ask to speak to the manager you asked for the application. Mention to the manager that you’re still interested in the job and are available for work. This again could move your application up the pile and bring you an interview sooner. You only want to do this once because it can also look like you’re begging for a job too so use discretion here. Wait another couple of weeks and if you still don’t here back try going to the store again and asking for the same manager or someone else if that person isn’t available. Just mention that you dropped off an application and are still interested in work. When you do small things like this it can leave a lasting impression on people. If I was a manager and noticed a young person taking the time to contact me and ask me for a job I would look to that person as being a good candidate. It shows that you care about working there and have incentive. 

The Interview

If you get an interview be sure to wear your best clothes that are appropriate for business. Answer all the questions they ask of you to your best ability. Sometimes you may be asked to take a small test of your abilities. The interview is actually probably the easiest part of the job application process as long as you are yourself and answer everything as well as you can you should be fine. Canadian Tire needs workers and you can be a part of that time if you are willing to go that extra step to get hired by the company.

You Can Get Hired at Canadian Tire

Finding a job at a local store like Canadian Tire isn’t difficult if you’re willing to put in the work to get the job. Make sure you have knowledge about the company and how you could fit in with your skills. You can apply online or at the retail store. Make sure you have a full résumé and apply at the store for a general position.  You can get a job a Canadian Tire just put in the extra work to get yourself to that point of employment. Little things make a big difference and that can and will get you hired.