Each day, millions of people try to set goals to be and stay fit, only to break out of their habits a few days/weeks later. This is usually due to the high demand of energy and commitment dieting and exercising require. Let's look at some of the ways in which you can gain control of your actions and not stop until you are completely satisfied.

Things You Will Need

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Step 1

Set realistic goals. Unfortunately, many people try to lose as much as 20 pounds in a month. Now, don't get me wrong, this is actually very possible. However, the problem relies on the fact that everyone is different. Just because someone you know was able to do it does not mean that you are physically or mentally capable to start such an overwhelming journey overnight. Look into the things you can and cannot do, and go from there.

Step 2

Take baby steps first. As implied above, your body is simply not meant to handle sudden, large amounts of strains overnight. Instead, get your body used to the habit of exercising by taking some medium-length walks or light jobs around the park or at the gym. Keep practicing this habit until your body is fully capable of handling it and actually starts asking you for more.

Step 3

Rely on intensity rather than distance . This is a mistake I have seen many times in the past. Someone who walks for an hour may end up losing much less fat than someone who jogs for 20 minutes. The trick to achieving fitness and losing weight is to get your body out of that comfort zone it's always bee so used to maintain. If you simply keep going with the flow of light movements, it will remain in a plateau, and no matter how many calories your exercise equipment says you've lost, these will be considered empty calories as opposed to actual fat.

Step 4

Make your workout a way of life. To get fit and stay in shape, do not just go to the gym once a week and feel proud of yourself. Any small amount of food may easily make you regain the amount of calories lost. In order to force your body out of its dormant state, you have to keep pushing and tell it this is the new way to do things. Consider a workout as important as your job, school, or any other life necessity.

Of course, to get in shape first you need to get motivated to exercise. Click here for more great tips.


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