When you are obese and need to lose weight it can be very hard, especially if you have never worked out and ate healthy before. There is a lot of conflicting information on the Internet about how you should lose weight, but in all honesty everybody is different. The diet and workout plan of one person is going to be different from the next person. Here are some tips to help you get in shape regardless of your body type or how fat you may be.

Decide To Change

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It can be easy to sit on the couch watching TV as you feel bad for yourself and daydream about being skinny, but in order to lose weight you need to first decide that you want to lose weight AND that you are willing to work for it. You can just will the weight off, but you can work your butt off and stay dedicated to the cause and then you will lose weight.


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Once you have decided that you want to lose weight and that you are willing to work for it then it is time to visit the Doctors office. They can give you a physical and also some advice on what to do and what not to do when you are attempting to lose weight. They may tell you for example to walk and do low impact aerobics and weightlifting but do not jog or run because your heavy body size may damage your knees and ankles.

Personal Trainer


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A personal trainer can help in numerous ways on your quest to lose weight and become healthy. A personal trainer can introduce you to new work out plans, show you how to use the machines in the weight room, help you stay motivated, give you tips and tricks to stay on track, and be a friend when you are being discouraged by life in general.


A good nutritionist will help you to develop an eating plan based on foods you like. By eating healthy, working out aerobically and lifting weights then you will begin to shed weight rapidly.

Other Aerobic Exercises for Fun

Running on a treadmill can become very boring very rapidly. If you find a fun sport that is also very aerobic you can burn weight without getting bored. Many people find success in martial arts such as Karate or Tae Kwan Do. These martial arts are very fun, build your confidence level, and allow you to burn a lot of calories aerobically without the boredom associated with traditional aerobic exercises such as running on a treadmill.

Food Journal

It is vital that you write down in a journal everything you eat and how much of it. A journal will help to keep you on track because you are being accountable for what you need to eat and in the right quantities. You can also track over the long run easier if you hit a period where the weight is not coming off yet you are still exercising so that you can get the proper advice from your nutritionist to help get your weight loss back on track again. Keeping a food journal has been proven to help you stay on track to lose weight. Carry it with you and keep it updated everytime you eat.

Why Are You Losing Weight

You should never lose weight because someone wants you to look prettier. You should lose weight if you want to and then do it for yourself and no one else. You should also look at wanting to lose weight because it will make you healthier and extend your life. By having a longer life you will have more time to spend with your children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. Obese and overweight people have many more medical problems including higher rates of cardiovascular disease, gout, and diabetes.

Medical Procedures

A person should always strive to first lose their weight naturally. If that fails or it becomes medically necessary then you may consider a medical procedure such as the lap-band.


Getting up early to work out and cooking and eating healthy meals can be very hard to do when you begin a change of life plan to lose weight and eat healthier. Once you get in the habit of doing your plan daily and on a regular basis it will simply become part of your day like when you brush your teeth or take a shower. The more you eat healthier meals then the more you will find healthy meals that you like to cook and eat and you craving for negative foods will begin to go away.

Soda Pop and Smoking

If you want to lose weight and get in shape then you need to stop your bad habits such as drinking soda pop and smoking cigarettes. If you smoke then you might as well commit suicide right now and save time. If you begin working out a lot and eating healthy but insist on continuing to drink large amounts of soda pop then you will not lose weight. You must stop drinking soda pop. Soda pop has a lot of calories so if you are working out and burning 3,000 calories a day yet you ingest 5,000 calories a day in soda pop then you will continue to gain weight even though you are working out and eating healthy besides the soda pop.

Have Fun

Working out and losing weight will be hard and you will experience many challenging times, but once you begin to see some weight loss it will motivate you to continue on your path towards a healthier life. Make working out and eating healthier something that you have fun with and not some activity that you stress out over. You will be able to get support from your friends, nutritionists, and personal trainer to help keep you on the path to getting in shape, and getting in shape and losing weight is definitely going to make your overall life much more fun.