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Amongst a variety of great options for both family and romantic dining, like the Olive Garden, Chili's, TGIF, and Applebee's, Red Lobster has staked a claim as a national chain that many seafood lovers have come to greatly appreciate and enjoy as they indulge in some of the most succulent seafood on the planet. With a diverse menu that is suitable for just about any palate, even people who are non-seafood lovers, who decide to dine with a family of seafood enthusiasts, can find menu options that even they can enjoy. Unfortunately, as much as dining out has become a welcomed past time of our generation, seafood especially can sometimes carry with it a rather hefty price tag. In this economy, even the most well-off and influential of people are attempting to save and cut costs in whatever ways they can.

For those who are looking to save extra money, the online world has provided us with a great way to get instant savings with free printable red lobster coupons. Whether you intend on dining out, at Red Lobster today, or a few weeks from now, this Info Barrel article will provide you with the steps necessary to help you find these coupons online.

Things You Will Need

a Computer
a Printer
Printer Paper

Step 1

As a leading North American seafood chain since the 1960's, Red Lobster's brand and restaurants have grown to encompass the online world, which has afforded them the great opportunity to communicate with customers and provide them with great online coupons and promotional offers. For this first step in this Info Barrel article, you will have to actually visit Red Lobster's website located at: With an appealing and interactive website interface, there are many elements to this website that you may want to explore and familiarize yourself with, to include: their "Our Menus", "Passion for the Sea", "Chef's Kitchen", "Seafood & Health", and "Marketplace" tabs.

Step 2

Once you have explored Red Lobster's website a little, in the upper right hand corner, you can click the website tab entitled "Join the Club". In order to become a members, join their club, and receive special offers via email, you will now have to click on the gold circle entitled "Not a Member? Join Now!". Doing this will immedaitely take you to a sign-in/ opt-in form where you will be asked for a variety of information. Bear in mind, while it may seem like Red Lobster is requesting alot of personal information from you, the truth of the matter is is that this amount of information required is actually really quite normal for a website like Red Lobster.

Among the information you will be asked for includes: Your "First Name", "Last Name", "Email Address", "Password", "Address", "City", "Country", "State/Province", "Zip/Postal Code", and "Phone Number" and "Birthday" (Month/Day/Year). You will also be asked if you would prefer to receive offers via wireless web, or PDA, when they are made available. In accordance with the "stars" next to each form item, inserting each one of these pieces of information is a mandatory requirement in order to successfully join the "Fresh Catch Club" and be opted-in to Red Lobster's email list.

Your "Birthday" date will be required because Red Lobster will give you a "surprise" birthday gift when that day arrives.

Step 3

Once you have submitted all your information into Red Lobster's "Fresh Catch Club" email opt-in form, you will now have to click the "Submit" button in order to send all this information to them. Upon submitting this information, you will also be automatically entered to potentially win an exciting trip to one of the world's "top seafood destinations". (or another special gift).

Step 4

In order to have filled in the "email address" form box correctly, of course, you would have had to have had an email account with a free or paid service like Yahoo or Gmail. With this email address, Red Lobster will now be able to email you in order to communicate with you with special offers and promotions. I would recommend, if you have intent to register with other website's and their respective email opt-in clubs, that you construct an email account specifically to receive these email promotions. Because just about every restaurant does email delivery in some form, it is easy to see how your email inbox can become quite inundated with alot of important emails, from various restaurants, quite quickly. If your intent is only to sign-up for Red Lobster's "Fresh Catch Club", then you may not need an extra email account. However, if you would like to email opt-in register for a restaurant like Olive Garden, TGIF, Chili's, or Applebees, you may want to consider having a second email account just for these emails to be stored in.

Step 5

Once you submit all your information, you will have to check you email account in order to ensure that you receive a confirmation email. This is typically done automatically in order to ensure that it was you, in fact, and not someone else, who joined up for Red Lobster's Fresh Catch Club. In this email, you will receive a confirmation link that you will have to click on in order to verify, to Red Lobster, that this is where you would prefer to receive information and correspondence about future offers, coupons, and promotions. Because of the high rate of SPAM email nowadays, you may want to consider monitoring your SPAM account, as well, because an email, from Red Lobster, could be delivered there.

Step 6

Becoming a Facebook fan of Red Lobster (or any restaurant, for that matter), typically can incur some great benefits. Red Lobster has been known to use this platform medium in order to easily 'connect' with their Facebook fans by offering exclusive offers and newlsetters directly to their monumental amount of Facebook fans. If you intend on receiving coupons from any other restaurants, as well, many other places do have Facebook fan pages established that you can find either through their website or through a search on Facebook itself.

Step 7

With the emergence of the internet as a technological powerhouse, awesome coupon websites have been developed in order to provide their audience(s) with great coupons. Printable Red Lobster coupons can typically be found here expeditiously. Such sites that you may want to consider searching include:,, and

Step 8

Exploring your Sunday paper can be a great way to find coupons, as well.

Tips & Warnings

If you do decide to register for the online email clubs of various websites, I would recommend that you consider establishing a second email account just to receive these promotions, newsletters and coupons. A free email account can easily be made at a website such as

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