Looking for education scholarships but can’t find one that suits your individual needs? Maybe the one you want only applies to a certain country, or maybe there isn’t one in your particular field of interest.
With over 6 billion people spread over 7 continents, the earth can be an overwhelming place. It can be tough to connect with others, and high-quality education scholarships, grants and mentoring may seem out of reach. But thanks to today’s technology, young scholars have the opportunity to reach their full academic potential regardless of their physical location.

International non-profit organizations are the best way to help young scholars succeed. By removing physical boundaries, they will have the opportunity to receive scholarships, connect with renowned scholars and be published in academic journals.

Here are couple of non-profits that deliver tele-education programs:

World Scholar

World Scholar is an international, non-profit foundation that allows students under the age of 19 to showcase their academic abilities on a professional level. Here’s how it works:

For a mentorship opportunity, students choose their general areas of interest and describe why the topic interests them, anws1d why it would appeal to others. Then, they zero in on their topic and think of a specific question they’d like answered. After developing a thesis, they submit a proposal. Once it’s been accepted, an online mentor while guide them through the paper-writing process, connect them with like-minded students, provide access to a library of online resources and ultimately create a full-fledged academic article.

The young scholars can them submit their paper to the academic journal, World Youth Scholar, where their work will be critically reviewed by an academic, and use cutting-edge technology to present their paper to a world audience. Students have the chance to showcase their academic skills and imagination to a global audience.

World Scholar Academic Scholarships recognize these efforts and achievements:

$5,000 for Best Archived Journal Entry
$25,000 for Best Mentorship Study

International Telementor Program

Telementor is another international non-profit organization that pairs students with academics. Through technology-based communication, professional academics can make significant contributions to young scholars’ lives. They will strengthen their foundation, broaden their skills and reach full potential in their area of interest.ws3

Face-to-face mentoring has many positive impacts, but many physical and time constraints often make that difficult to achieve. With as little as 30-45 minutes a week, students can be well on their way to academic excellence. Telementoring has been shown to significantly improve the following areas: writing skills, self-directed learning, critical thinking skills and desire to go to college.

Scholarships and grants are project-specific. For example, students in a business project may draft a business plan, then compete for scholarship money. Or, they might identify their college of choice and receive mentorship on scholarship applications, tuition costs and general costs associated with college living.

Thanks to these types of organizations, students from rural, international or impoverished regions have access to high-quality mentorships, scholarships and academic opportunities. No matter where they are in the world, a support network of academics, reviewers and critics is behind them 100% of the way.