Justin Bieber is a very popular singer and he has many tour dates. To get Justin Bieber, to come to your birthday party would make your birthday party one of the best birthday parties that all of your friends would ever experience. It would be a birthday party for you and your friends to always remember.

Things You Will Need

Thousands of dollars and even more luck.

Step 1

Look at Justin Bieber's concert dates and cities. A simple Internet search would result in his schedule. Hope that Justin Bieber is in your area around your birthday. If Justin Bieber is not in your state or near your city around the time of your birthday, it would cost much more money and would be highly unlikely that he would sing at your birthday party. If he is town, there might be a chance that he would do it.

Step 2

Follow Justin Bieber on Twitter. Get him to notice you and follow you on Twitter as well. Unfollowing him and then following him when he is online might get him to notice you and follow you as well. Justin Bieber likes to follow his fans but he has so many that he has to know that who you are.

Step 3

If Justin Bieber is in your city during your birthday party, post that you are having a birthday party, and ask him to come. He might ask you for more details. He might be willing to show up or sing for free; however, this is very unlikely. If you become actual friends with Justin Bieber, it is more likely.

Step 4

If Justin Bieber doesn't respond or he is not in your city during your birthday party, contact Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun or the tour manager Jason Salvador. Contact these people through Scooter Braun's website which can be found through a simple Internet search. Have someone older write an e-mail to one of these people and ask about booking information.

Step 5

Discuss business with either the manager or tour manager and discuss the price of him coming to your birthday party. It might cost thousands of dollars.

Once you have booked Justin Bieber for your birthday party, invite all of your fans and make sure that Justin Bieber has a good time at your party so that he might become friends with you during the party.

Tips & Warnings

Justin Bieber is very busy and might like to come to your party but he might not have the time. Don't be too disappointed with him saying "no". He gets many requests that he cannot grant.