Wrought iron wall decor is really an opportunity for you to make a big statement with your artwork on a budget. It's perfect if you can't find the right painting or you just want a more sophisticated look in your space. It's also neutral enough to use in a lot of spaces that often go undecorated such as an entryway or even the hallway.

You will see this in a lot of different rooms so it is important to change up your applications. You can get the look of large wrought iron wall decor with the same pieces that everyone else is buying. You could do this quite simply just by painting a large square on your wall and then hanging these inside to really frame it out. This allows you to get a two tone effect which is important because oftentimes these are just very neutral colors such as black. In the shabby chic style it just uses a painted white. This can sometimes lose its dramatic impact because it does seem to blend into the wall so much. In this case, you really want to give it a background behind it to really make it pop. You can really use this as the focal point of your entire room. This is important because these pieces have been popular for so many years that you might already have a few of these that you just really need to change it up.

When you have black wrought iron wall decor, you really have a lot of different options that you can go in. It's important when you choose this kind of design style that you find ways to really incorporate it with your furniture.

A few years ago pine pieces were very popular. You could find them on everything from headboards to even dining room chairs. Now sleeker upholstered styles are more popular for both of these versions. However, you can really shop for these pieces at thrift stores or at garage sales and pick them up quite inexpensively. This is going to give your home more of a rustic or Southwest feeling. You might want to paint out the wood tone. Then just leave the wrought iron as it is. This is a very inexpensive way to decorate but still get a coordinating look in your room. Even though the use of the old furniture may seem a little bit dated the overall material is still very trendy so it's going to work and become more of a design classic over time.

Another option is to implement this into your furniture design. If you're creating a headboard then you might just want to incorporate a few of these pieces. Although you do need to make sure that it will still be comfortable to read in bed. You could also apply the same theory to the artwork just by building a simple wood box and placing a few of these decals inside of it. This allows you to really mix two pieces that can help you to coordinate a lot of the furniture that you have in your room. Plus, you can get very large artwork inexpensively.