Accomplishing a luxury look does not have to cost a lot of money.

There are a number of ways that you can obtain and maintain a look of luxury while sticking to budget. Luxury is not about price, but rather a lifestyle, and how it is represented. Accomplishing a luxury look is simply a matter of how, and not how much. 

Luxury is often presented through simplicity. Buying plain clothes that fit well and are very minimal is design will give you a smart, classy look, that doesn’t cost much at all. Don’t strain your wallet looking for expensive plain clothes, you’ll find that you can get the exact same look for a very different price if you look to the right places. Clothes that are minimal in design tend to have an absence of big labels or logos – and so in terms of looks, expensive clothing and cheaper options are often near identical when it comes to plain and neutral clothing. 

Classic colours such as blacks, whites, navy blues and chocolate browns give a clean, smart look. If you avoid complicated styles and designs, you’ll look fresh, neat and comfortable.

The last things on are often the first things noticed. Expensive looking accessories are not hard to find, and always do the job. A nice looking watch, some nice sunglasses or a classy looking necklace or ring does not have to be extremely expensive. Accessories are important, as they are subtle indicators of class. They don’t have to be excessive, or big, but if they have the look of luxury, you have the look of luxury.

Clothes (suits in particular) that are tailored, give you a lot of freedom to accomplish a luxury look. This is a much cheaper option than going to up-market shops to find a well fitting outfit. Tailor made clothes cater completely to the look you want to have.

Luxury doesn’t just come in the look, but also in the manufacturing. Wearing clothes made with natural fibres such as wool, leather and cotton rather than synthetic fibres such as polyester will make you feel good, and feel luxurious. If you feel luxurious, it will reflect on the way you look. Being confident in your clothes and knowing that you’re wearing a luxury look will help you present the luxury look.

Finally, remember to keep these clothes clean. An ironing board comes in handy, as well as dodging stains or tears, to maintain a clean cut, luxury look. Looking clean shows that you’ve got things under control; you’re smart, slick and luxurious. How you wear the clothes is just as important as what you wear. Tucked shirts, ironed and well fitted trousers, well-cared-for hair and a good posture are all little details that can make a big difference.

You don’t need to go out to expensive shops in high-end areas to accomplish luxury looks. Online shopping is a good way to find cheap, luxurious options to make sure that you don’t end up exceeding your budget.