Make your dream wedding come true in the Bel Paese.

Let's jump right into the nuts and bolts of how it's done.  Although a romantic's dream come true, any destination wedding involves a lot of logistics and planning.  I got married in the south of Italy in 2011 and I learned a lot in the process.  Here are the most important things to consider:

  • Location matters, of course. Unfortunately that not all areas of Italy are easy to get to. Many countryside towns far from big cities may equal an exhausting  trip for your guests. Country roads can be small, unpaved and tough to drive, even though it looks easy on Google Maps! Consider a location in the countryside (if that’s what you’re aiming for) just outside a major city that is not too far from a main airport.  The Chianti countryside is conveniently located near Florence, for example.  There are also several beautiful areas in the Lazio region outside of Rome.
Wedding in Tuscany
  • Think about hiring an English speaking wedding planner. If you don’t speak fluent Italian and/or don’t live in Italy, it will be much easier if you hire some help, ideally from your home country.  You need someone who understands your cultural background and what you're expecting, without you having to explain too much. A wedding planner acts as the liasion between you and all of the Italian vendors. There are a good deal of expat wedding planners located in Rome, Florence and Venice. Don’t go crazy doing it all yourself from far away if you can find some room in your budget to get some on-site help!
  • Tackle the bureaucracy first. Contact your local Italian embassy by phone to find out what you have to do legally to get married in Italy. 
Wedding in Florence
  • Take some things from home to make it your own. It could be some DIY decorations that fit in a suitcase or an heirloom guestbook - these personal touches from home will make the wedding feel more “you” even though you are so many miles away. 

This should be enough to make any great wedding all’Italiano get a headstart. Write me in the comments if you have any specific questions!