When anyone thinks of a massage, its incredible therapeutic qualities most likely to come to mind, but also the expense involved. Luckily, not all massages need to come at a wallet busting price, if health savvy shoppers are resourceful and willing to compromise a little.


The best place to get a cheap massage is through a student. If you're near a city or out in the suburbs, then chances are high that there's a school nearby training future massage therapists, or apprentice type programs doing the same. Many massage students are hungry for experience. They are eager to learn their craft, and practicing on all manner of future clients is what they seek.


Getting a massage from an unlicensed trainee might seem unsettling, at first, but the risks are extremely minimal. Any credible massage program puts their students through an intense ringer of safety training, anatomy courses, and gives them techniques designed to maximize client comfort. Students are also required to carry insurance at most institutions, so in the extremely unlikely instance a medical issue did arise from getting a massage, their coverage would handle it.


The cheapest massages are free. As students, up and coming massage therapists are not allowed to charge for their services. However, it's good courtesy to offer a tip or donation toward their time and tuition, if you are happy with the massage.


Visiting a massage training program is also staggering in the array of massage styles available. The best programs give their students exposure to a whole catalogue of techniques. Each is aimed at maximizing the well being of mind and body. It's common for students to seek practice on special populations such as pregnant women, elderly folks, and the disabled as well. Some programs hold special events where the focus is on just one of these groups, and volunteers who are in these categories are always welcome.


Getting connected with a free massage program is simple. Just call or e-mail the community college or vocational school with a massage program nearest you. The directors will gladly answer any questions, and may be able to connect you with upcoming events and students in their program. Like researchers at the major universities, massage programs are grateful to have public participation and volunteers to better their students. Only, getting a free massage is typically far more enjoyable than participating in the average science study.


Helping out budding therapists can be rewarding, pleasurable, and a great way to save money on your health. True win-win situations are hard to find in educational arenas that invite active participation from the public. Massage, though, is a rare candidate for this, offering tangible benefits to everyone involved.