Baby bedding has really come a long ways in the past few decades. It used to really just center around a basic floral prints for girls, animal themes for boys. However, now there are a lot of different design options that you can really coordinate with the rest of your home or just show off your personal design aesthetic. Even if you stick with a basic color palette you can use a unique theme.

One thing that you may want to consider is going with modern baby bedding. This is especially important if you're going with a very traditional print such as a floral. This is going to focus just on the silhouettes of the pieces and it's going to have very bright colors in it. It should still be a little bit neutral just with a plain white background if you want it to coordinate with the rest of your furniture or just match the bedding. In this instance it's really important to find pieces with unusual color palettes. This can even incorporate a trendy, orange and turquoise but the print itself makes it perfectly appropriate for a baby girl. This is a way that you can really get away from the basic cutesy palettes while still getting feminine pieces. This is really going to still coordinate with a lot of the pink items that you might receive as gifts but really change up the traditional color palette.

Another trend in baby bedding sets is going to be competing patterns. This is important because you really aren't going to see a lot of typical themes anymore. Instead the focus is more on pattern fabrics which can also be a less expensive way to shop. As long as it's in the same color palette you can mix and match a lot of crib bumpers and sheets that you find at outlet sales then you just get the look of totally unique baby bedding on a budget.

This is even appropriate for baby boys. It allows you to bring in more feminine fabrics such as a French toile and then pair it with a stripe so that you still get a masculine feeling that still has a little bit of whimsy to it. Polka dots are also a very popular pattern for girls of all ages. In a nursery this can just be a basic purple and white or even a brown and white design style that can help you to tie a lot of the other furniture tones in your space together.

You also might want to go with custom baby bedding. This could just be monogrammed pieces. This is a big trend that we are seeing right now just on basic receiving blankets. This can even really mimic a faux fur that's still just a basic polyester fabric that's very easy to clean. You can really monogram this yourself with a few simple sewing skills. You can also really have this done for you at almost any sewing shop for just a nominal fee. This also makes a really great present.