Running a little short on cash this week and wondering how to get money fast without borrowing it. If you are too embarrassed to need to ask your family or friends for a loan then read on. I'm going to give you some ideas for making really quick cash.

Take a Casual Job

These are more commonly know as odd jobs and are around all the time if you look for them. Ask around to your family and friends to see if anyone needs any help immediately with projects on a short deadline. You may also be surprised how many times a friend or family member asks what is going on, and if you need assistance. If they offer, you don't need to ask.

Sell Something

This is another one of my favorites because I always need more space in my house. I don't mind selling things online and Craigslist will let you list for free and without closing fees. Price your items like you would at a garage sale and you will be able to generate some quick cash without much hassle. The best thing about Craigslist is that your ads go live immediately and you will usually get buyers with cash on the same day.

Donate Your Plasma

I have done this one many times when I was in college. I made several donations week and usually got paid $60-$70 for the week for only a couple of hours of my time. Burn patients and gravely ill people need plasma to survive so I also felt good that I was helping someone in need as well. It is estimated that 20 million liters of plasma are needed world wide every year. You can help to solve your financial problems while saving lives at the same time. All major cities have plasma donation centers and will be happy to get you started if you give them a call they can direct you. By the way, your plasma is worth considerable more if you have ever had one of many infectious diseases due to the antibodies your body has produced, sometimes upwards of over $1000 per month or more. Your plasma collection center will screen you and give you further information on antibody collection.

If are looking for some quick cash, these methods will yield you almost instant results. By combining the strategies you should be able to get money fast without borrowing it.