how to get money from millionaires and billionaires

It is so unfair that some people have so much money and don't know what to do with it that they decide to give away free money to the poor. That is not bad thing but there are times rich people also give money to others who are already loaded. Think about the case of Warren Buffet giving away millions to Bill Gates. That is like keeping the money in the family. Why would you want to give money to someone who already has everything? The situation is not that simple and a lot of people actually think that millionaires and billionaires are like ATMs. You enter your pin and out comes the money.

The problem with any type of giving is that it can be a financial nightmare when you have money and you decide to give it away to the less fortunate. The IRS is always interested in things like that and that is one of the reasons millionaires who give money to the poor start a foundation to channel their resources. It is also a known fact that most wealthy individuals are actually not generous. Some will give because they get tax incentives. Others give because it is a good publicity stunt. There are still others who give because they want to champion a cause. For those on the receiving end, how to get money from millionaires and billionaires is the most important part of the equation. Poor people receiving financial aid don’t often bother about the motivation of the donor.


This is a term meaning Wife and Girlfriends. If you are hot and you are willing to whore yourself, you can actually pick up a nice young or old millionaire who is willing to mingle. By the way, this has nothing to do with falling in love. There are many who get married because they fell in love and later divorce because of lack of financial means. That highlight a simple truth, money can contribute to happiness. Some might find it immoral but what is the point of marrying a poor guy when you can get an equivalent with more money. In order to be able to meet celebrities and famous people, you need to hang out where they are known to go. It isn't that difficult as most people would imagine. There are famous clubs that are known to attract the jet set. The Mahiki in London is a great example of this. Another way to meet rich people is by going to a University where the rich send their children. Kate Middleton met Prince William in similar settings.

Charitable Organizations

If you want to know how to get money from millionaires and billionaires, you need to get your act together and work out a plan. Contacting charitable organizations is a good move but they will not hand over the money just because you have a sorry story to tell. You need to check out their website and see what type of activities or initiatives they usually finance. Most of these associations like to have success stories. If you have a project to help children in need; women in need, students struggling to pay their bills or an animal shelter; these types of projects can actually help you get funding. It can also be funding to start a website that provides help for a specific group of people to share experience. You will have to provide details of your project and how you plan to execute it. You also need to state how much money you need to accomplish your goal. The more specific you are, the better. The Bill and Belinda Foundation is one of many to consider.

Film Premiers

This is a rather strange way to get money from millionaires but the idea is simple. You get a cheap camera and you snap away. If the shots are decent, you can either sell them for some cash or you can start a web site and offer your shots. The ones that tend to do well are the most salacious celebrity photos. This is also like becoming a Paparazzi. You have to do what you have to do.

House Keeping

This is a difficult one but it is another way to get money off rich people. If you are a pool cleaner of you know someone who can recommend you to take good care of celebrity villas or mansions. This can be a good job. You can to stay in a nice comfortable surrounding taking care of  a house worth millions of dollars. At times you can even have the house to yourself for months on end whilst the owners are away working to pay you.

Donate Clothing

If you can contact some famous people and get them to donate some designer wears, you can actually make some decent money from that. This is a little similar to what Ellen Degeneres does on her show. You can start an eBay store and auction these items. The problem is, if you are not donating part of it to a charity, some rich people might not be willing to donate. This principle also goes for any other home items.

Starting a Business

If you have heard about the Dragon’s Den, you already know that some people just love to give money away. They are not doing it to make you happy or so that you can go on weekend benders. They want to make money and they see a potential in your ideas. This is a double edge sword because some of these millionaires who give away money to the poor will also want to control your moves and they might even kick you out of your own business. If you know what you are doing, asking for money from millionaires to start a business is a good move. At times it is better than a bank loan. If the business goes burst, you don’t owe a dime.

How to get money from millionaires and billionaires is not that hard as long as you are determined enough and are willing to put in the effort. If your goals are noble, you might actually be on your way to become wealthy