A blog without comments looks a little sad and lonely. Comments help engage readers and add interest to your posts. Seeing 100 comments at the top of a post sure makes a reader want to read the post more then seeing a fat zero comments. Comments also add more text to attract the search engines and the changes to the page that comments provide alert the search engines that this is a place worth tagging.


===Allow Comments===

Turn on the comments in your blog controls. If your blog has been around for a while you might decide to just turn on comments on a few recent posts. If you don't allow comments you are not going to get any. While you are at it, install a good spam filter on your comments to save a lot of time.


===Give Links for Comments===


Everyone wants to get something for something and you can give back to the blogging community by giving good links out. Try either/or CommentLuv and LinkLuv, Wordpress plugins that give the commenter an anchored link to their own blog. You can also turn your comment links into "do follow" for your readers, inspiring more comments and activity on the blog.


===Ask for Comments===

Sure readers might know they can comment but a reminder at the end of the blog post seems to result in more comments. Asking for comments actually results in comments.

===Ask Questions===

Ask readers to share their experiences or understanding with you. Some will actually do as you requested and comment. Some of the most extensive comment sections are the result of asking readers for their experiences.

===Moderate Spam Only===

Let people say what they want - don't censer unless you really have to. Censoring will only cost you readers. At any rate, read the next step

===Consider Controversy===

If you always write about stuff everyone agrees with what is the point of readers responding. Pick topics that will inspire discussion - then you will even get comments on comments. When you see comments on comments you are developing a community, which breads loyalty and a lot more comments.

===Comment Back===

Read your comments and respond with a comment. Be sure to set your comments to nest multiple levels deep. Responding to comments encourages more discussion because readers love the interaction. They might even come back to read more responses, increasing your blog traffic.

===Go Forth and Comment===

Commenting on other blogs intelligently will result in visits from other bloggers. Readers on the other blogs want to see what else you have to say and come over to check you out.


Encouraging reader interaction builds a vibrant blog which attracts more readers to stay around longer. Getting people to contribute also builds searchable content that may help in the search engines. Every comment by others is words you don't have to write yourself on the blog post topic, and sometimes what others contribute can be very helpful to future readers.  


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