Ninja Warz is a Facebook application like many of the other games on Facebook. This article contains tips and cheats for getting more Karma in Ninja Warz. Even though many people play the game through the application on Facebook, this game can also be played via Twitter or even the Ninja Warz website. Just like the other Facebook games, Ninja Warz is free and fun to play.

Ninja Warz

The object of the game is to form a team of ninjas. The player will have to recruit, arm and train his team of ninjas to be great warriors. This is to prepare them for battles against other ninja villages. Not only will the ninjas go on raid against other villages, they will have to be able to protect their own village against attacks. A player can gain a black belt ninja once he has reached level 30. For better game play on Ninja Warz, have at least one black belt and two orange belts before taking on more ninjas.

In Ninja Warz, it is critical to acquire Karma. However, this can be a difficult task without buying it. Of course, most people don't want to waste money on Karma, when they can acquire it for free. Plus, it seems to take away from the game play to buy your way to the top.

Tips and Cheats for getting Karma in Ninja Warz:

Relics: Gathering and/or buying relics can help give Karma. When the game is not in play, set them on relic so they will collect.

There are a maximum 6 relic slots available, these slots have to be acquired. The sixth slot can be purchase with Karma. For the best return in Karma for a day, get "The Golden Fragments" relic. It might not seem like a bargain for 40 Karma, but the return makes this relic an investment. With it, a player will receive 4 Karma per day and 7,500 gold per hour.

When a player is first starting the game, it is best to have a friend send a "Learning Rope" relic. This will gather 1 Karma a day.

Use the slots to gather the best combination of relics for maximum Karma on Ninja Warz. Currently this is:
Learning Rope - 1
Amethyst Mason - 2
Weak Karma Stone - 2
Pure Amethyst - 2
The Gold Six - 3
The Golden Fragments - 4
This will entitle a player to 14 Karma per day.

Ninja Warz Relics
  • Karma is also gained in Ninja Warz by leveling up and reaching achievements. Some weapons that are found out on the field can be sold for Karma.
  • To get the Konami award, go to the golden statue and use this cheat:
    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, and right
  • Signing in more frequently, during the day can give a player bonuses. Try signing in every 4 hours to maximize the chances of Karma bonuses.
  • Don't forgot to check the Daimyo, which a player might find some gold or possibly even some Karma, which is very much harder to come by than the gold.

Aside from buying Karma, check the wall of the Ninja Warz fan page and around the page of the game. Many times there will be special offers, promotions and surveys to gain free Karma for the Facebook application Ninja Warz. Happy playing!