Mafia Wars is one of the most popular Facebook and Myspace applications out there. Mafia Wars is played by millions of players every single day. This article will teach you how to find more people to join your mafia on Mafia Wars.

Things You Will Need

Facebook or Myspace account

Mafia Wars Profile

Step 1

Start out by logging into your Facebook or Myspace account. Make sure that you already have Mafia Wars on your profile. If you do not already have Mafia Wars on your profile, you can add it by going to the applications page on either website. Once you have added Mafia Wars to your profile, you can start finding more members to join the fun. Having more members in your mafia will help you become stronger and give you more people to help you out with missions and items that you need to find.

Step 2

Start out by adding all of your friends to your mafia in Mafia Wars. Chances are, some of your friends already play Mafia Wars or would be interested in playing Mafia Wars. Add all of your friends through the invite page on Mafia Wars. This is a great way to find more Mafia Wars members because your friends will be more likely to help you out with things you need in the game than some random person. You will most likely not have 501 friends that you can add to your mafia in Mafia Wars so once you have added all your friends, you will need to search for more members in other places.

Step 3

Search for Mafia Wars add me groups on Myspace or Facebook. These are groups of people who play Mafia Wars that are looking for more members every day. You can post an invite link on one of these pages or start clicking on other people's invite links. This is a great way to quickly gain more members in Mafia Wars. Try to make sure that you only invite daily players or high level characters to your mafia so that it will become stronger. You do not want to invite a bunch of low level players that hardly ever play because they will not help your Mafia too much.

Step 4

If you are still trying to find Mafia Wars members, you can check websites and forums about Mafia Wars. Just like the Mafia Wars add me groups, you can find many players on blogs, websites and forums that are trying to find more members. Visit these pages and post your invite link or add the other players that have already posted their invite link for Mafia Wars. If you follow all of these steps, you should have 501 Mafia Wars members in no time. Array

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