Page views are one of the key statistics of success on the internet. Not only are page views related to Google Adsense revenue, but it is an indicator of a job well done for the writer. This article will give you an overview of how to get more page views.

Get More Page Views By Writing Good Articles

How to Get More Views on InfobarrelGenerally, page views are correlated to the quality of your writing. Quality material really helps boost page count. This is because people will direct other internet users to your page. However, that being said, a page view is just a click - they don't even need to read your article. So fear not if you believe you're writing isn't yet up to par (keep practicing). There have been plenty of poorly written articles that have up to 1000 views. My advice is to simply do your best. Edit, edit and edit some more. Spruce up your article by adding pictures. With time, your writing will improve.

Get More Page Views with a Good Title and Topic

How to Get More Page Views on Infobarrel (25482)Choose a compelling title for a good topic. If anything needs to be perfected in the article, it's the title. The title is what attracts the initial page views (then Google and backlinking kicks in). First, to state the obvious: ensure your spelling and capital letters are correct. Then, make sure you have an attractive topic. Sex is a topic that sells. Hence the photo of Tiger Woods to the right. Health and nutrition is mega topic. How to make money online is a niche topic that attracts readers. Controversy of any type gets clicks. Top 10, top 20 or top anything lists are always a good sell too. Lastly, write about trending topics. This could mean, for example, writing about oil spills during the 2010 BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Another example is writing about Michael Jackson during his funeral. There are always trending topics that you can write a piece about. I must warn you, however, that the trends do die down, and with that, your page views will drop.

Get More Page Views with Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)

How to Get More Page Views on InfobarrelOne fundamental aspect is SEO. It is imperative that you learn how to get your articles on the first page of Google. This means lots of repeated keywords and choosing a topic that isn't overly popular. SEO is well covered in many other articles and tutorials on the internet.

Get More Page Views by Backlinking

A good topic and a decently written article with SEO in mind needs to be marketed. Backlinking is one such option. Basically, you have other sites link to your article. Alternatively, you could advertise your article through social media, including Twitter and Facebook. Internet forums and Yahoo Answers are two other mediums for showing your article to the world. You can also aspire to get an article featured on Infobarrel's homepage, or whatever website your using to post your articles.

Email Signature

Put a link to your articles or account in the signature of your email. Your friends, family and coworkers will check out your articles.

Forum Signatures

How to Get More Page Views on Infobarrel (25485)People from all over will browse your article(s). If it complies with the forum's rules, link directly to an article, or your profile page.

Blog about your Content

How to Get More Page Views on Infobarrel (25486)Put in relevant links to your articles in your blog. Also, try putting your profile link in the blogroll to ramp up traffic.

Social Media

Sudmit all your articles to the following websites:

How to Get More Page Views on Infobarrel (25487)

This has to do with SEO (your google rankings) and gives your articles a burst in traffic. Registration is required for the websites above.

Facebook and Twitter

Share your articles through social networking sites.

Write More Articles

How to Get More Page Views on Infobarrel (25484)It sounds hypocritical, but you should not be overly concerned with page views. The most important aspect is to simply write. Beginers should spend 95% of the time writing. Just keep plugging away and the page views will come. Analyze the AdSense figures to learn of what articles succeed and which fail. You will need to enter channels to do so. You may be astonished at what gets page views. Use this information to duplicate your own success. As Infobarrel grows and your account matures, your page views will encounter the "snowball effect" and grow rapidly. The best advice is to be patient and keep writing.

Let's here from you! Please comment - how do you attract page views to your articles?