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Business Networking and Relationship Building for more Referrals

The question of how to get more referrals is answered with better networking. What is good networking exactly? Networking essentially means creating more mutually beneficial relationships for your business. When you increase the value of your relationships with people, they are more likely to pass on referrals to you, and in turn, your business will grow.

Networking tip for referrals #1

The most effective technique in networking is focusing on the other person. Show a genuine interest, and they will be more likely to trust you. It is so common for people to only be focused pushing their own product, that your selflessness will genuinely stand out. And who wouldn’t send more referrals to someone they trust?

Networking tip for referrals #2

Ask them questions. Increase your genuine interest in them with questions such as:

-“How did you get started in your line of work?”
-“What does your business offer over your competition?”
-“Who would be an ideal client to refer to you?”
-“How would you like your business to be described to ideal clients?”

Networking tip for referrals #3

Echo their responses. Show them you are listening and genuinely interested by echoing the last thing they said and continuing the conversation.  For example, if the last thing they said was something like “so we decided to hire more workers,” echo their response with, “hire more workers?”
Let them know you would like to know more.

Networking tip #4

Try to keep the conversation centered on them. We all love to talk about ourselves, but hardly find people who want to listen! This person will remember that you gave them that satisfaction, and be more likely to pass on referrals to you.

Networking tip #5

If they aren’t interested in talking about themselves, focus on something else – a hobby, your kids, your pets, helpful working techniques. Whatever you do, don’t be pushy or sales-y. That is the last type of person likely to be referred.

Networking tip #6

Help this person whenever you can. Give THEM referrals. Help THEIR business. Networking is about mutual benefits – the more you help them out, the more they will return the favor! It is natural for us to feel in debt to someone who has helped us out, so they will naturally seek more opportunities for you as well.