Writing articles on Info Barrel is a wonderful way to share knowledge and information. This can be an exciting way to make some money as well. So you may be wondering, how can I further my cash flow and find more readers for my Info Barrel articles. One place to look and find readers is on Twitter. using this free service will bring up your views and allow readers to find your ideas, stories and articles fast ultimately increasing your residual income. Here's how!

Things You Will Need

Info Barrel Articles

Twitter Account

Step 1

When you open your account, use a name that has a serious tone. It may be your name or perhaps the focal of the majority of articles you write. If you write about food, you don't necessarily want it coming from a twitter called 'Clowns Central.'

Step 2

Now that your twitter is ready, you need to start letting people know about your Info Barrel Articles. On every tweet you place on twitter you have 140 characters to describe what your article is about. Make sure these characters give valuable information so people want to look at your link.

Step 3

With every tweet you will be placing the link to your article. Use Tiny or Tr.im to shorten these URL's so you have more room to describe your articles.

Step 4

Consider writing more than one twitter for each article and posting at different times of the day. The more you let people know about your articles, then the more people will visit your articles on Info Barrel. It is also suggested you post your articles on Facebook so people can see what you write there too!

Step 5

A final note that is really important for added value of getting readers is hashtags. Twitter is a research friendly instant system. One way people are able to find articles, like yours on Info Barrel is using a hashtag (#). There are dozens of hashtags you can use so check the Hashtag website to see what is popular and fits your article. Of course, use hashtags in moderation.

An example of a hashtag would be the hashtag for this very article. The possibilities include: #writing #freelance #job.

Twitter is a serious resource Info Barrel writers can use to make more money and better numbers on the number of readers. Write on and tweet often!

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