Twitter is an awesome site. Twitter can be an EXCELLENT communication resource. But how can you get the followers you want?

There are a few things you can do...

Things You Will Need

You will need a Twitter account, of course. To see what Twitter is all about, look at my profile:

That should give you an idea.

If you don't have a Twitter account, you can set one up quickly here:

Step 1

Custom Profile Picture

Use a custom profile picture

Using a custom profile image sets you apart from the millions of other Twitter users. If a potential follower sees that you're using the boring default profile picture, he/she will probably just skip right over you. When you set up a new Twitter account, setting your profile picture is one of the first things you should do.

Your profile picture is one of ways you show your personality on Twitter. It can be anything really, but ideally it should be something eye-catching and interesting. Remember, you want people to notice you!

Step 2

Interact with your followers

When someone starts following you, be sure to thank him/her. Reply to your followers' Tweets. Don't be a dead-beat. Be active in the community. The more active you are the more likely it is someone will follow you.

Twitter is meant to be a community, not just a one-way conversation. Talk to your followers!

Step 3

Tweet interesting things

Who wants to get updates from someone who always posts boring things? Not me. And probably not you.

Post interesting links. Keep your followers entertained.

Step 4

Avoid Tweeting ads

There are services that will let you earn a little extra money by Tweeting ads to your followers. However, there is no faster way to LOSE followers than to post ads.

One of the most common ad companies for Twitter users is It is my opinion that you should stay FAR away from schemes like this if you want followers and a community.

Step 5

Follow Friday

Participate in #followfriday

FollowFriday is a tradition on Twitter. Here's how it works:

Each friday, pick several of your friends / followers that you think other people should follow too.

Then update your status with a list of user names for people to follow.

It should be in the format of: @followthisperson @anotherperson @himtoo @dontforgetthisguy (etc)

Then follow the user names with #followfriday.

Here's an example of a #followfriday Tweet:

Using @ in front of each user name makes the name clickable and notifies that person the he/she was mentioned in your update.

When you send followers to other people using this method, they usually return the favor - sending you followers too.

Step 6

Mention a popular topic in your Tweet. Say, for example, you're talking about security.

At the end of you Tweet you would write #security. This will categorize your Tweet so that other people searching for that topic will be able to read your Tweet and then follow you if they so desire.

Using topics will help you connect with other people with similar interests - helping y0u build your community and follower base.

If you're talking about Ubuntu, use #ubuntu. If you mention Congress, say #congress.

Really, you have two options here. You can 1) use #(topic) at the beginning or end of your Tweet, OR you can use it in a sentence.


At the end of your Tweet - "I think I like Ubuntu Linux. #ubuntu"

In your Tweet - "I think I like #ubuntu Linux."

If you are short on characters (Twitter only allows 140) the second option is your best option. However, there is no rule for using topics. Put them anywhere in your Tweet at will.

There is no sure-fire method to getting Twitter followers - and you won't get a flood of followers right away. Be patient. Participate in the community and have fun.

The followers will come. Don't worry.

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