Get more website traffic is a big concern for everyone working online independently of the business model used. Either you run your own blog or write articles for content syndication sites or for revenue sharing sites at some point you will need to get more website traffic.

The most common first place to go is on the bookmarking sites. This works, is widely used and recognized and it is not so time consumer once you create all your bookmarks profiles and get used with them. At same point in time to have to do this first step anyway. There are various list and preferences out there – obviously the best ones are those paid and with the highest page rank in Google. Once you set up your first set of bookmarking sites and get used to them and use them on a regular basis to get more website traffic – it's time to move to the next level. At this time you already experienced the power of this easy and yet powerful way to get more website traffic . There are a lot more ways to do that – one being simply by adding more bookmarking sites to your already established ones.

Get More Website Traffic - Follow this Simple 7 Steps Blueprint

Visitors to your sites, blogs or articles are key in your online financial success so one of your ongoing main goal should remain always to get more website traffic. My blueprint for doing this is this one once you have a site, a blog or an articles collection:

- 1 - Research every new month a new way of bringing visitors (you can find in "How To Increase Website Traffic and Bring a Lot of New Visitors to Your Web Content on a Constant Basis" a lot of already established methods as well as some less popular or known)
- 2 - Write a detailed article/post about "get more website traffic with XYZ method" where XYZ=the researched method - to assure yourself that it is a best one to focus your efforts (this article can be also upload and shared online)
- 3 - Came up with a detailed plan related to the XYZ goal output and process output – so that you will know exactly which are the steps, what resources you need and how to implement it (use the ideas outlined in Setting Goals - Outcome Goals and Process Goals article)
- 4 - Action + action + more action (implementing the plan)
- 5 - Test it and do the necessary adjustments (mandatory step)
- 6 - Write another article about the results (XYZ goal output attained or not)
- 7 - Add it/or not (depending on the results) to your strategic arsenal list regarding "Ways to get more website traffic"

These are the 7 steps to follow in order to get more website traffic (I like 7! – it is easy to remember just think about the 7 Wonders of the World, the 7 dwarfs or the 7 days in a week and so on).

Once you start implementing your own "get more website traffic" plan – you need to keep track of all your sources. Instead of spreadsheets I suggest you to use the RoboForm - secure password manager and generator to keep all your info organized. I detailed how you can do this in "How to Organize Your Websites and Backlinks Sources - the Better, Easiest and Fastest Way" article. All these pieces of puzzle assembled together is now the time to have a look at a list of already researched and tested ways of how to get more website traffic . You can find an extensive list in the "How To Increase Website Traffic and Bring a Lot of New Visitors to Your Web Content on a Constant Basis" article.

You can always let us know about your experinces, thoughts or ideas related to "How to Get More Website Traffic and Skyrocket the Number of Visits to Your Content by Following a Simple 7 Steps Blueprint" article by commenting below.