Just Do It!

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Itching to get things done but can't seem to find the motivation? You don't need a life coach to increase your daily productivity, you can turn yourself into a "Do-er" in no time just by making some small lifestyle changes! I've split the process of "doing" into four phases: Mental Preparation, Mental Action, Physical Preparation, Physical Action.

Mental Preparation: Preparing Yourself for the Task at Hand

To make sure your becoming motivated is a holistic process, this is the first and one of the most important phases. Prepare your mind to be able to do tasks. This entails a couple of things. Make sure to get enough sleep or the chances of successfully completing the desired task decreases. Make sure you get proper sleep - that is, you are in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of slumber. That way you'll wake up refreshed and focused. Clear your mind of useless clutter, as it will only distract you from the greater task at hand. Multi-tasking often leads to overlooking and forgetting details, try to avoid this. 

Mental Action: Focusing on the Task at Hand

Get your mind into gear. Think about what you are trying to do and go through the exact steps that will take you to successfully doing it. Evaluate what would be the best way to tackle the problem.

Physical Preparation: Getting Ready to Rumble

Prepare your body for the physical activity it will undergo - no matter how great or small. From writing a story to building a desk, or playing a pickup game of basketball to inflating an old volleyball, you'll need for your muscles, bones, and skin to be well up to the task. Get rid of things in your immediate vicinity that will physically distract you (such as cell phones/iPods, books/newspapers, television, etc.).

Physical Action: Just Do It

All that's left now is to just do it! The key thing is getting started. When you're focused and ready, "doing" will seem easy and as long as you keep that focus it will be. Keep "doing" until the task at hand is done.

Utilizing these four phases can help to bolster your productive spirit, turn on your motivation, and get you doing things! Whether that be building a Home Based Online Business or just maintaining a little blog from home, go through this process and you will be more productive. 
Well, what are you waiting for...? Start doing!