Have you ever had that feeling of being overwhelmed with so many things to do that you just "can't be bothered?" Where it be to study a whole subject in 1 day for the semester examination that's coming up tomorrow, or whether its to just get up and hit the gym, or go for the run that you've always wanted to. I'm sure we've all had times when we've felt unmotivated or just flat-out lazy to do something. I know, I have this all the time. 

So the question is "HOW" do I get motivated to do the things I want to (or not want to, but have to)? Now, that's a great question, and that's simply all you have to do. Ask yourself the right questions in the right way to get your outcomes, and your well on your way to motivating yourself to doing all the things you want to within seconds. 

Movement is the essence of all life... The only time when your not moving is when your dead. All movement comes from a motivation to do or achieve something.

The 3 step process to motivation (make sure to grab a pen and paper)

1. Outcome

First thing you've got to do is to set your outcome. What exactly needs to be done? What is my intended outcome? You want this as precise and specific as possible, because the more specific you make your outcome, the closer you will be to achieving what you set out to do. 

#Personal Tip
Here's a tip, label your goal as "outcomes" or "achievements", because if you call it a goal, that's all it will ever be. By framing the goal as an "outcome" or "achievement" you've already put yourself in the perspective that its going to be completed in the future, because the word goal is a bit more wishy-washy. 

2. Purpose

The next question to ask yourself is "why"? 

Why do I want to do this? This is the stage where you want to gain leverage for yourself, because just like in sales reasons come first, actions come after.

In this part, what you want to do is write down all the things that you are going to gain from following through with your outcome. Think outside the box, what are you going to gain emotionally, physically, financially, materialistically, spiritually, socially, everything that you can think of that will be a positive outcome from achieving what you've set out to do. If losing weight is your outcome, you might write some things like: I'll feel more confident socially, I'll be more attractive, I'll feel more energetic and healthy, I'll be fulfilled spiritually because I achieved what I set out to do, whatever it may be, and really get a feel of what it'll be like to have those feelings and things. 

#Personal Tip
Okay, so here's a tip. Write all these things down in NEAT, BLOCK letters, so that you really have to think about what you're writing. Also, you want to visualise or get a feel for each thing that you're writing about, so it's really burnt into your memory. 

Alright, you're doing good so far! So now what you want to do is, write down all the things that would happen, or things you would lose if you didn't  follow through with your outcome. If we take the weight loss example again, you might write something like: I will feel unfulfilled, or unsatisfied, or I'll have the pain of knowing that I didn't stick to my word and follow through (loss of integrity), or I let down people who we're expecting me to follow through. Again, you want to get a feel for all these things as you write them down in neat, block letters.

3. Action

The last question you have to ask yourself is "how"?

At this point your going to want to create a simple plan on how to make this thing work. What needs to be done everyday in order for me to succeed? Is this practical or impractical? Do I need to do 50 sit ups every 2 hours or maybe I need to do 100 push ups everyday, you set the plan.

Lastly, do something NOW! By taking action today, metaphorically you have just signed your own contract to commit to this outcome. If you leave it for tomorrow, there's a good chance you'll just fall back into your previous state, then you will have to do this all over again. So make the time to do anything now, that will work towards your achievement.

The 3 step process to motivation can be used in any situation in life. Remember to