Many people lack the motivation to work out, and those who start going to the gym soon find themselves falling off the wagon soon after. This is caused by a number of reasons. Follow these basic yet powerful steps to help you get motivated to exercise and keep your focus strong.

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Step 1

Remember your goals. What's the purpose of going to the gym? Are you trying to look healthier, achieve a sexy body and impress your friends? Whatever the case is, keep these dreams in mind every day. Whenever you seem to be losing focus, remember just how great you would look and feel with just a few weeks of effort. While at he gym, take a look at those who already have your dream body. Even befriend them if appropriate, and learn from their methods to achieve your ultimate goal.

Step 2

Start out slow. Do not start any heavy exercise activity on the first day, but rather do something you can easily handle, even if it's below your resistance level. You want your body to get used to get motions and inevitable sore muscles first without scaring yourself off right from the get go.

Step 3

Enjoy it to the fullest. Do not think of working out as a chore or boring task. Instead, make sure you always carry your favorite music with you, enjoy the company of a good friend or perform any other fun activity while you exercise. This way, you will be looking forward to working out each and every day.

Step 4

Pick up a good time and stick to it. Instead of working out at random times, pick the best time for you, a time when you know your energy level is at its highest. People often feel that the earlier they do things, the better and more accomplished they feel. If going to the gym, pick a nice time when there aren't a lot of people distracting you or using your favorite workout machines.

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