Before you decide that you are willing to make concessions to getting your wife back, you need to ask yourself whether it is even a potential. After all, it takes two to make a relationship and if your wife has emotionally abandoned the relationship then the chances are good that she simply won't be interested in trying a re-do. How do you tell if your wife is feeling this? Well, the first step is to ask yourself if she is indifferent and distant to you. Does she even try to pursue conversation? If not, then chances are good you have lost her.

All this said, there are some tip on how to get your wife back.

Win your wife back by proving to her that she can trust you. This is very important. If your wife can't trust you, then chances are good that you will never win her back. Trust is something that is earned and if the reason why she is no longer interested is because of a breech of trust, then the road is going to be long and difficult.

Telling her is one thing. Prove it to her. Prove to her that she can trust you. Fight for her and let her know that you aren't going to go down without a fight.

Win your wife back by reminiscing about the old days- We all like to think of things and how they used to be. Just by remembering what it was that brought you two together in the first place could be a good point in which she may think that change is possible. And this little opening could be your way back into her life.

Start thinking about why it is that she doesn't love you anymore- There is a reason why people fall in and out of love and people do change. But typically, there are reasons why your wife has made the decision and chances are good, if you are totally honest with yourself, that you can pretty much guesstimate where the problems lay. If it isn't another person, then chances are good that if you can identify the problem, then you can start to take steps to make things right.

In regards to me, this can be something as simple as actually listening to what she has to say and communicating with her. Most of the women who divorce their husbands cite lack of emotional involvement on the husband's side as a reason for divorce.

Getting your wife back may be hard but in most cases, barring an affair, it isn't out of the question. If you can restore her trust in you and make a few changes in your life, then you should be able to get your wife back. Now....get to work...

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