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Best Ways to Get Over Your Ex or a Crush

Being totally honest here, getting over someone is not as easy as it sounds or as girl magazines seem to say. Virtually all of us have had some rough time with a break up or an unresolved crush. Emotional issues are not easy business but we will try to give you the best help for you to get over the hard part. 

One thing is important: even if the following advice is the best you can ever find they are worthless if you do not put understanding and energy on making an emotional improvement. It may be hard at first but it is possible and it is definitely worth the try. 

The following are advices that are easy to apply and pretty understandable. 


7 Steps to get over a break up or a broken heart: 

1. Resolve internal issues: Why are you holding on? Take a time for your self and think what is exactly holding you from moving on. You may have had a 3+ year relationship and many memories may be difficult to go pass through. Despite this, take a breath and analyze your feelings. 

2. Get out. The best way to get over someone is to come into terms with your own feelings. Cut yourself some slack. Begin investing some time in doing things that you enjoy: listen to new music, get into the gym, painting classes, etc. Distraction is the best thing that you can aim for in order to heal a broken heart. 

3. Take your time to forget. Getting over someone you love is not an easy task and it is not done overnight. We have to sit, analyze what may have stirred our relationship apart and what can we improve and learn from this experience. Basically you get to finally forget someone when the grief period is over and these tips accelerate that process. 

4. The Law of Minimum Contact. Avoid any contact with your ex partner if you do not feel emotionally strong enough. Getting in touch with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will only open up old issues and stir apart old wounds. No phone calls or text messages are recommended. This does not mean that you have to stir apart all your old photos together or erase him or her from facebook, but having little to no contact with your ex will potentiate your recovery.  

5. Get rid of his or her stuff. Still got the keys to his or her apartment? Perhaps an old sweater? Just give it away! Donate it! Having their stuff only brings back the memories and the thought of an unwanted and hurtful break up. It is very difficult to get over someone if you still hold on to their memory. Do this with a healthy way not with an angry feeling of revenge burning inside. It is natural to feel it, but you eventually have to transform it into a forgiving process. 

6. Invest your energy in something profitable. If you feel sad, guilty or depressed you can turn over that emotional energy in doing something profitable. Maybe doing something to better up yourself. Get yourself into some time of course or classes, learn something new, get into a new hobby; this will also get you distracted doing something worthwhile. 

7. Look forward to tomorrow. When you break up do not feel like the love of your life is going away from you. There are many loving people that will pass through your life and that you will meet. Some relationships just are not supposed to be and that is OK, it happens to everyone. Relationships (and even friendships) come and go, but the most meaningful and worth ones stay.