Searching the internet is something every person uses everyday. Well why not get paid to search the Internet. Getting paid to use a search engine is the best idea out there. Many websites and search engine optimization services want to know what people are searching for and will pay for the information. This allows search engines to make extra money. Some search engines are willing to pay its users to use their search engine. Join us, and get paid to search the internet.

Things You Will Need

-the internet

Step 1

Signing up for a reliable site that pays you to search the internet is your first step to getting paid to search the internet. After doing a decent amount of research you will find out there are several sites that allow you to do this. Many have a lot of limitations and regulations on them, however the best site to get paid searching the internet is by far SwagBucks.

Step 2

After you have signed up and registered at SwagBucks you can start searching. Searching will sometimes reward you with something called a SwagBuck. You can redeem these swagbucks for prizes. Searches can earn you anywhere from 1 Swagbuck to 100 Swagbucks. It is all chance. Some searches will not earn you anything at all.

Step 3

Keep searching every day. Searching with Swagbucks everyday guarantees that your earnings will increase. The more you search the more you will earn.

SwagBucks is a great site to search and get paid. Searching the internet is a great way to earn a little extra income monthly to help with those pesky bills. You use a search engine everyday anyways, why not get paid to do it.

Tips & Warnings

- try not to over search. This could result in less rewards.