Getting paid to write articles is a big market out there. If you can cobble together sentences, swing words and groove sentences in the right way, then there is a lot of money out there to be made. This article is all about different ways you can basically get paid writing articles for people (As well as for yourself).

So let us get rid of all the obvious ones such as writing novels, poetry and some such stuff and move into the ones that not a whole lot of people are really all that aware of.

For instance did you know you could get paid to write a novel for someone else? That is simply called ghostwriting.

You can also get paid for....

Ways to Get Paid Writing Stupid Articles

1. Article Marketers

Article marketers love writing but they don't have the time always to do so. The probelm here that needs a solution is that most outsourced articles suck. They are simply not that great.

But you can be that solution and offer your article writing services to them for a premium.

2. Blog Posts

This is the same as article marketing. Only it is a blog post, so it is a little bit less formal and a little bit more conversational in nature. This is a really big thing doing blog posts for people because you really are representing their brand with blog posts, so you charge more than articles.

3. Copywriting Sales Letters

Now there is a whole art to this. Basically copywriting is the art of writing persuasive sales words that make people want to buy products from you. The price you can charge for this is staggering! Get good and good sale copy can be worth hundreds of dollars or sometimes even thousands depending on the job.

4. Writing stupid articles like this

Yup. I am not afraid to admit! I am getting paid as we speak to write this article which is really cool. And what is even better is I am building a little passive income while also creating great content I can share on my Facebook pages.

Everytime I post an article on InfoBarrel or a site similar to it, I slowly build my passive income through Adsense.

Which is coool.

So there you have it, some stupid simple ways to get paid writing articles. Hope it helps my friends!