You Can Get Paid from Your Old or Unused Electronics and Save the Environment


Due to the increasing number of old and unused electronics that were just thrown out, some business people who are concerned for the environment start to buy these devices. If you have some old and unused electronics, you can help protect the environment by selling them.You'll then get paid through your PayPal account or a check. You could also be given an option donate the profit for a greener cause if you want to. 

There is a growing number of websites that will pay you to recycle your old electronic devices. They will buy your old electronics and some of these sites will even accept damaged ones. Many of us have old electronic devices that are just sitting around the house because they are old, unused or obsolete. New smaller gadgets keep coming in the market so for example, if you have the old and bigger iPod then you can sell it. 

There are plenty of electronic gadgets that only end up in land fills and are emitting toxic chemicals into the soil since they can't disintegrate or decompose. The cash that you can receive from selling your old and unused electronics may be added to buy for a new and updated model.

You can get cash if you sell in bulk like for example cell phones that you no longer use, iPods, camcorders , digital cameras, and/or a laptop that has already crashed. Some of these sites will even be happy to recycle those unwanted electronic devices for free if they no longer have value.



things you'll need:

  • Used and unwanted electronic items
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      Look for your old or unused your electronic devices. Clean these gadgets and place them inside their original packaging if you still have those at hand including the manuals. 

      Some of your old electronics can be fixed even if they have scratches, restored like brand new and then resold that is why some websites are now catering to this kind of business. In this way, you could get paid and can also help the environment since recycling is very effective for a cleaner and greener earth.

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      Research online for reliable websites that will pay you from sending these electronics to them. Most of the websites online that offer to purchase old or unused electronic products will send you a free label so that you can just print it out and stick it to your package or box. 

      Read reviews about the site that you're going to deal business with because you can learn a lot from their customers online. If you can read many negative things about the site then better look for another one.

      There are many sites that will buy your old or used cell phones, iPhones, iPods, mp3 or mp4 players, PDAs, game consoles, netbooks, laptop computers, camcorders and digital cameras. Compare the prices that they will offer for your unwanted electronic devices. 

      Look for the one that have the most convenient way to turn your old electronic devices into cash. After selling these electronic items, you'll also feel good that you're able to cut down on the waste that will go into the land fills.

      If you're considering sending your electronic gadgets, you also need to think if the site is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other known accredited services that offer consumers reviews, report of complaints, ratings, and accredited business resources or listings. Look for at least one working service seal usually located at the bottom of the business website that is committed to providing its merchant customers with a high level of transaction processing security, so that it can safeguard your information and protect you from fraud.

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      Start selling your electronic gadgets by typing your model number into the business site's search bar usually located on the top part of the site. You may just follow the instructions where to enter the electronic devices that you want to sell through their site. You also need to inform them the present condition of your gadgets as well as the accessories included with them then search for the calculation price button.

      Most of these sites that buy your electronics will provide a "Sell Now Button" on where you can easily click it and all of those gadgets that you wanted to sell will be included in the "Recycle Cart". You will be directed to the "Checkout Area" when you're done selling your electronic devices. You can then enter your contact and payment information so that you'll be paid with all the electronic products that you sent to them.

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      Send your electronic gadgets. Most of the sites that will buy electronic items would usually send a free label for their customers to print it out and easily attach to the box or they will just send a prepaid box to return to them in the mail, but this will also depend on the price and weight of your electronic items. Generally, if they have value for these business sites, the products that you want to sell will have always be given a free shipping.

      You may opt to drop your box off at a United States Post Office or hand it over to the mail man or woman. You could also contact the FedEx Ground service to pick up your package but this will also depend on what type of shipping you qualify for, so you need to clarify this thing with the site that likes to purchase your electronic gadgets. After you can send your box filled with your old or unwanted electronic gadgets, you'll just wait for a couple of days if those items will pass their test.

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      Receive payment for the electronic items that you sent. Within a couple of business days (possibly between 3-5) of your electronic passing the tests, the site that tested your gadgets will send you a payment through your PayPal account, a check, or a charity of your choice. 

      Most of these sites will email you a detailed explanation of what happened if anything will exceedingly differ from your prior submission. If you don't like the new price offer that the site had offered, then they will send your electronic gadgets back. These sites will try to renew your old devices back into the market so that they could also profit from them and sell your old devices to people who can use and afford them. 

      Reusing slightly used, damaged or old electronic gadgets is an effective way of recycling since the demand of these things will be lessened and the manufacturing companies will make lesser of these products. Some of the of sites that will buy your used and unwanted electronic devices have wholesale business partners that could refurbish and resells the items again.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if your gadget is worthless, these businesses will take your unwanted electronics for free and recycle them responsibly.

  • Some sites that will purchase your gadgets will require you to provide some answers to a few questions about the electronic device or items that you'll be selling.

  • Use the main search bar on the home page of the site where you'll sell your electronic items. You need to be specific in your search and add your device's model number.

  • Other sites will let you select an option if the cash that you'll receive will go towards environmental causes like donating for domestic renewable energy production or planting a tree.

  • If the device doesn't have any value, they will only pay you to ship the electronic devices or give you a free label to print out and attach to the box for recycling.