There are many ways to make money online and one of the easiest way is joining different GPT sites or programs. GPT stands for Get Paid To; this programs gives you a certain task and all you need to do is finish the task with precision and quality and you will get paid for the job well done.

Things You Will Need

If you have your own desktop computer or laptop and internet connection, you can immediately start joining different get paid to programs which can be considered as great legitimate work at home jobs that will give you the opportunity to earn some cash. Of course you also need three e-mail address to make it secure, and you must have a PayPal account to receive your payment, make sure that your PayPal e-mail is different from your e-mail being used when you sign up in a certain program. This will avoid being hacked and keeping you PayPal secured from e-mail virus and phishing sites. Now without further ado let us discuss different GPT sites that will pay you to do some easy jobs.

Step 1

Forum posting job is one of the easiest way to earn online, you will only have to post and viola! You will earn a couple of cents. the good thing here is you can post for 20-50 times a day and if you will be paid $0.30 per post it means that you will earn $6-15 a day which is really a big amount for beginners in the world of get paid to programs. The only problem here is it is hard to find a employer because most of the forum posting job is being monopolized by big companies. There are still some forum that accepts any posters but they only pay as low as $0.03 per post which is outrageously low. To find good paying forums go to Digital Point and use their search bar and search for WTB Forum Posting Job.

Step 2

Writing essay and article online is one of the GPT programs that gives sure income to online workers, actually it is hard to write articles especially if you do not have a talent in writing essays or articles. If you really want to earn money from it then you must improve your skill in writing with the help of the websites such as Ezine Articles or here in Info Barrel because you will know the basics and you will be given guides and tutorials on how to write properly, one you get a hang of it then it is time to find website or company that will pay us for every article we submit to them.

Step 3

If you are a critic then this one is for you, get paid to review products and services is one of the best GPT programs because it is simply fun, the pay per review is not really big and most of the time the company will reject our hard work but it is still fun because we are given a power to express our opinions and if we are published, a lot of people might read our consumer reviews and I'm more than happy to give them honest and unbiased reviews.

Step 4

This get paid to play program is will not make you rich but instead it will remove your boredom and while you are playing you will earn a small amount of money. Personally I do not like this program because it is hard to earn and the games are not my type because it is poorly designed some get paid to play games are utter waste of precious time.

Step 5

Paid blogging requires you to have a blog with a good good PR (Page Rank), if you have a blog with PR3 you will earn more from them. The mechanics is simple, you only have to create a post about a certain sponsor website and once you are finished praising that website or creating a post related to the sponsored website you will have to put a link back to them. This will make Google angry and G will slap your PR down to zero so think many times before using this program.
There are still a lot of get paid to programs that are not covered in this page, actually there are some many GPT sites and we will have to use a blog to discuss all of the tricks, tips, techniques and scam. Try those recommended step first because they are the easiest and fastest way to earn from the internet.

Tips & Warnings

A word of advice though, make sure that to learn how to avoid scam sites. You must learn how to research and investigate to isolate the scam sites from the paying and legitimate website, if you manage to get a hang of it you will love get paid programs and you will earn a lot. Thanks for reading this page and happy online earnings to you.