Getting paid to click is one of the simplest ways to earn money on the internet. This is a pure guide with all the steps to have you make money using paid to click sites with out investing a dime of your own money. Whether or not you want to invest your earnings is a decision that must be made by you on whether you really want your earnings to grow or stay where they are.

Things You Will Need

- a list of paid to click sites you are going to use
-PayPal Account
-Alertpay Account

Step 1

Finding reliable and good paid to click sites will be your first step into earning money with paid to click sites. But before you go searching the internet aimlessly here is some help. There are two different types of paid to click sites. One is Aurora and the other is Bux. Aurora paid to click sites offer lower click rates and very cheap advertisement as well as being very sustainable. Bux paid to click sites are pure earners. They are however not as sustainable as Aurora sites because of this.

Finding these sites on the internet requires a decent amount of research as well as time. Here is an article that may help you find some usable sites.

Step 2

Now choose 5 aurora paid to click sites and 5 bux paid to click sites. The reason for this is it is an even split as well as it is not too many paid to click sites to handle. These sites will be what you will first start out with. You may add or drop sites at your own personal like but 10 is a good recommended number where you will earn enough with out spending forever clicking.

Step 3

Clickers, start your mouses, and CLICK!!! Yes part of paid to click sites is that you do have to click the ads in order to earn money.

Step 4

Getting referrals for paid to click sites.

Getting referrals for your paid to click sites is not an easy task.‚ However, let's start with what you will use to get referrals.‚ Each paid to click site gives you a referral link as well as banners you can use to attract people to sign up for the site under you, as your referral.‚ These referrals make you money every time they click on an ad.‚ So the more referrals you have the more money you will make.‚

There are basically two types of ways to get referrals, the free way and the purchasing or advertising way.‚ Each of the next two steps will help you figure out which way is right for you.‚

Step 5

There are numerous ways to get referrals for free.‚ You can join traffic exchanges where you use your referral link as the site.‚ Many people use traffic exchanges and you should get some referrals that way.‚ Many people also use blogs to promote their paid to click sites and get referrals.‚ Besides blogs and traffic exchanges you can try writing articles on your paid to click sites or joining forums that allow signatures and putting your referral link in your signatures.‚

Step 6

Buying referrals through means of advertisement or just purchasing referrals is the easiest way to gain referrals to make you money.‚ However easier it is not cost efficient always.‚ If you are going to purchase advertisement the best sites to do so with are Aurora paid to click sites.‚ The advertising is cheap here and you can get a lot of hits to your referral link this way.‚

If you choose to buy or rent referrals from a site you will earn as soon as those referrals start clicking.‚ This is sometimes a risky business since the referrals you buy may not always click ads.‚ Keep this in mind when purchasing referrals.

While earning from paid to click sites is easy, earning more than $40 a month extra takes some work. Once you start earning that money though the extra work is worth every second of it. Good luck and watch the earnings start rolling in. If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment or message.

Tips & Warnings

-do not invest in brand new sites