If you have never been paid for writing articles on the internet, you may have wondered whether writing online is a viable way for earning money. The answer is that writing is a legitimate way to make money online. Nowadays the Internet provides many opportunities for people to get paid for their writings. Some people write online in their spare time to earn extra income since they have day time jobs to deal with; others can earn full-time salaries from online writing. How much you will get paid depends totally on how much time, energy and thought that you can put into your online writing. Making money writing online is not a scam but it is not a "get rich quick scheme" either. You still need to do some research and work on your articles. But many freelancers enjoy the whole process because they can get paid for their talents and have fun while writing their way to financial freedom. If you want to start making money writing on the internet, the following are several tips that you may want to consider.

Write for multiple websites: Diversification is always good. If you are familiar with investment, you should know that diversification can reduce risk. The idea is simple. You don't want to put your all eggs in one basket. Try to write articles and publish them on different websites. But be aware that you should not publish the exact same articles onto different websites since this practice is not allowed at many "get paid to write" sites and it is also not good for your earning potential.

Write original articles with decent quality: You don't need to have a degree in literature to get paid writing online. But you should always write and publish original articles with correct grammar and spelling. Plagiarism is not only unethical but is also a crime. Correct grammar and spelling are important for people to understand your content. Also if your articles contain too many errors, they may be at risk of being considered spam and being banned by major search engines. This is bad if you want people to find your articles easily.

Write as many articles as you can: quantity matters. No freelance writer can draw a full-time salary from a single article. If you want to earn decent money from online writing, you need to write an abundance of articles. It may take some time and effort to achieve your final goal. But you should set a daily goal first. For instance, you can set a goal to write 3 articles per day. If you consistently get 3 articles done daily, after one year, you will have more than 1000 articles. No matter how much you make from your writings, consistently writing several articles a day for one year itself is a great accomplishment.

Promote your articles: After you publish your articles, you should promote your articles. This is not 100% necessary, but it may help according to some experienced online writers. If you provide useful or entertaining content, your readers will help you digg, reddit or tweet it. Other bloggers may like to introduce your work to their audience. And high quality do-follow back links can help your articles rank higher on search results. But when you promote your articles and build backlinks, you should avoid spamming, because low quality links may even have negative effects on your article's search ranking. Article promotion also takes time. Since you don't have too much time to waste, you should try to balance promoting and writing.

In summary, to get paid writing on the internet, you should write diligently and diversify your efforts.