Seven Super Suggestions for Getting a Promotion


OK, the topic is a pretty broad one that could take up volumes, but there is a universal point to remember. No matter what industry you are in, careers in and of themselves are all about sales. Each and every employee is a sales person and totally responsible for selling him or herself. In reality, a person "interviews" for the next level at a company daily by how they are seen by their supervisors and colleagues.Business Men(49529)

Always be positive. If another employee approaches you wanting to vent or complain, be a good listener. Everyone needs a confidant and person with whom they can brainstorm, and you do need to fit in. But, be careful to not get caught up in any negativism. No workplace, no matter how great, is free of problems or those who would want or need to complain. With every conversation of a venting nature, whether with a peer or manager in the organization, ask what the other person perceives as solutions to any concerns mentioned. Then, be supportive of the feelings and try to help with the resolutions. 

 Avoid at all cost talking about someone behind their back. It is just bad manners and will hurt your chances of every being promoted. A truly sad commentary on this was a recent merger of two large publishing companies. A talented, top-notch consultant/presenter was one of the ones who did not survive the merger in terms of keeping her job. Why? This was just a person known to management as  the "town gossip." No business has time for that. 

Be forward thinking. Keep this little story in mind. There once was a clerk at the Washington patents office who resigned saying that he felt the jobs there were over because all the good inventions already existed.   Guess what? That was back in 1833! Obviously, life changing inventions such as the steam engine, telephone, nor cell phone had yet been invented! Every day, try to think  in terms of ideas to move your organization forward. Share those ideas. They won't always be taken, but the image you put forth is one of someone there for more than just the ride gets noticed! The reason your eyes are on the front of your head is so that you can see forward and be forward thinking. Try to see a vision for the future in your business and share those thoughts.

Dress for the job to which you aspire if possible. There are obviously times when you are to dress a certain way such as in a uniform. That situation would not apply here. But in many settings consider the advice. Dress as close to the "look" of the job to which you aspire as possible. Management needs to see you as the perfect fit for the job in performance and appearance.

Be company minded and creative. Consider this tale. A young man went to his personnel director and said that he just wasn't getting noticed and felt no career advancement coming with the company. The  director told the concerned employee to try something for thirty days. The directive was for him to think of ways in which the company could increase their revenue by a certain percentage over the year. On the thirty-day mark, another conversation took place. The young man said he just couldn't think of anything. The personnel director said to then take this challenge for the next thirty days. The young man was instructed to think of ways the company could adjust strategies or processes to save a certain percentage of money in a year. Again, thirty days passed with the same result. The disgruntled employee could not think of anything. What was the personnel director's advice? He said that the employee needed to certainly be careful and stay under the radar because if the management really took note, they might want to replace him with someone with more drive. Be company minded and look at the big picture from a management perspective. Management in most organizations has as a major responsibility increasing sales and saving on costs. Do some reading on ways to improve on current systems. And that brings us to the next point.

Continue  learning about your business. Read articles and books, consider taking courses, both live and online, and attend any conferences or meetings that will extend you knowledge of your field. Join online business related social media sites to connect with others in your field.

Share your career desires and goals.  Make it known through a direct conversation with your supervisors that you want a career with their organization and not just a job. Having that conversation presents a good time to offer to step up to the plate and take on more responsibilities. Consider taking on those tasks as an audition of sorts for a higher level job. Sometimes those tasks present  not a way to make more money at the time but instead a chance  for recognition of what you can do.

And most of all enjoy your job, and don't settle for less than the job to which you aspire!