How many times have you heard that little gem of advice? If you want to know how to get rich quick, it's probably best to copy what millionaires the world over have been doing for ages – and that is doing things a little differently to the rest of the population. They think differently, and work smarter, not harder. So if it's riches you want, that's what lies in front of you. Don't assume you'll get it all for nothing, that you can just coast along doing whatever your heart desires and get rich by some divine blast of capital. That is not going to happen – it's all down to you.

How to get rich quick: see the glass as half full

There is opportunity everywhere in life, and sometimes it is disguised as a setback – that's the truth. The lives of financially successful people the world over are filled with such stories. Donald Trump for example has not always had success in his business ventures. In the 1990s and the first decade of 2000 multiple businesses controlled by him have filed for bankruptcy and with $900 million of personal debt he narrowly avoided personal bankruptcy. However, despite all these problems he chose to focus on getting himself out of the hole he found himself in. He chose to see the glass a half full, restructured debt, made a few deals, and found himself with his head above water again. The point is, he never gave up.

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How to get rich quick: give yourself a financial education

In modern society we are not taught financial literacy or any real skills that will serve us well in building personal wealth for ourselves and our families. These skills are not taught in the modern system of schooling – and so it falls on us to teach ourselves and each other all about finances and how to build wealth. It is not only us who will benefit from this boost in financial literacy, but our family and friends. Just as if I was a plumber, by family and friends would know a bit about plumbing through our conversations and interactions. The family and friends of a millionaire will also build their own personal knowledge base thanks to their association with the millionaire – it goes both ways. But at the end of the day no one is going to give you this information on a silver platter, you must seek it out yourself.

How to get rich quick: Surround yourself with a great team

If you want to get rich quick you must be goal focused. Not only that but you will require support from other people, others who have skills and a knowledge set that you don't. You need a team – probably a lawyer and accountant at least, and then depending on what method you're using to build your wealth – others with specialized skills like builders, stockbrokers etc. I think though that the most valuable members of your team are your friends and family. If these people believe in and support what you do then you'll already be halfway there. By the same token – avoid negative associations, they can ruin your chances of getting rich! Enjoy the ride!