How do I get rid of acne naturally?

Read on for 5 Useful Steps for Getting Rid of Acne Naturally (and FAST!)

Learning how to get rid of acne naturally is a popular topic for people with acne, and with good reason: organic solutions to get rid of acne allow you to be environmentally conscious, and put natural ingredients onto your skin which will ultimately be healthier then the many artificial chemicals that are placed in so many acne products.

In this article I have highlighted 5 major tips for getting rid of your acne breakouts. Learning how to get rid of acne naturally has never been so easy! If you actively follow these tips, controlling your acne should be a cinch and gone in no time.

1. Clean Your Skin

Almost every article you can find online with regards to getting rid of acne naturally and quickly will start off with one of the most important steps: cleaning your skin. Not surprisingly, most people already perform this step; but it is a vital one. It is also important to be sure that you are cleaning your skin correctly. That is, do not scrub too hard or too soft, use soaps that do not clog your pores, and so on. Also, do not overwash your skin. Much like taking care of your hair, there is often a hard to see (or essentially invisible) line between cleaning and taking care of your skin; and actually doing more damage then good to your body.

Cleaning your skin is the basis for fighting acne organically. Like laying the foundation for a house is important before actually building the house, having clean skin is the first step to get rid of acne naturally.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise

Are you aware that acne tends to develop as a result of lacking essentially vitamins and nutrients in your body? Acne is a skin condition many people deal with throughout their lives, and often is the result of genetics as opposed to just lifestyle. However, a poor lifestyle can promote acne to persist (or be worse when you break out). Eating healthy and exercising will promote a cleaner body and mind, which can help minimize the number of breakouts you have; or just how bad you feel when they do come. I suggest that you take a multi-vitamin, as well as focus on some vitamins that are proven to help with skin and acne conditions; like zinc and vitamin A. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water; as this will help your skin stay hydrated; which is a major key for maintaining healthy skin and fighting acne.

3. Use Natural Skin Products

There are many products available on the market to help treat the skin condition acne. You have likely seen some commercials on television or in advertisements online for some of these, such as ProActive (a very popular, but not entirely natural acne product). While I do not necessarily believe all "unnatural" skin products are bad per say, there is something to be said about the importance of natural formulas because they are, well, natural. Many artificial chemicals put into some skin products can lead to dry skin and other forms of irritation in some people, but with natural products this is typically not a problem (unless you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients).

When it comes to natural skin products to treat acne naturally, I recommend Dermify Acne Treatment as it is 100% percent natural and is FDA approved as well.

4. Decide Between Natural Home Remedies or Brand Name Acne Solutions

In connection with the usage of the aforementioned natural skin products, you should also consider whether or not investing money in these brand name acne solutions is the right choice for you. There are MANY natural home remedies for acne that have been developed and tested many times, though not necessarily by a government agency (like the FDA) or in a science lab. As such, natural home remedies may certainly help; but there usefulness is varied. You may want to consider trying some of these out to see how they work for you though before making any conclusions.

Personally, I recommend a blend of natural home remedies as well as the usage of brand name acne solutions and products that can be purchased on the market (such as the aforementioned Dermify Acne Treatment).

A few natural home remedies include the usage of tea tree oil, honey, aloe vera, and other ingredients in different ways to help clear up your acne ridden skin. Some call for direct application for your acne, while others should be sipped in a tea or just eaten in general. Be sure to check online, and you may want to consider visiting a doctor before trying if a potential solution seems a little bit "out there."

5. Manage Your Stress and Self-Esteem Levels

I am studying for my undergraduate degree in psychology, and one major thing I have learned is just how much of an influence the mind has on the body; and the body has on the mind. While it may sound kind of funny to say this, thinking positively about your body and maintaining a high self esteem will help you to not notice your acne when it breaks out; and it will also be conducive of becoming a less stressed and happier person. It is important to keep in mind that stress itself can lead to acne breakouts as well, so keeping your stress under control will aid you in blocking your acne in a way that will allow you to better enjoy your life in the process.

Hopefully these five easy to follow steps will help you learn how to get rid of acne naturally and effectively in no time. Be sure to read my other article on acne titled How to Get Rid of Acne Marks at Home. If you have any questions or comments about acne, leave them in the comment box below! I'd love to hear from you!