Acne scars are a very bad dermatological problem. This typically occurs as a result of inflammation that occurs when the bacteria combines with the dead cells and the oils. They start pressing on the walls of the skin and pores then finally beak the follicle wall.


Never fear though, while it is best to use prevention as the best measure to get rid of acne scars. Sometimes it is simply too late or unavoidable. In the this case you can use a few different topical skin care medicines which should help with mild scarring. If you have sever scarring and still wish to get rid of it completely you will probably need a surgery to get read of it which I will get into.


Chemical Peels

This is a procedural treatment where basically you add a chemical or an exfoliating agent to your skin. You let it sit for a few hours or even just a few minutes then peel it off. This is often suggested for people with mild acne scars. You might be able to find some of these chemical peels in your local pharmacy as well, without a prescription. Of course having a prescription will cause the strength to be better but also cost more, unless you insurance covers this kind of medicine.



This is a surgery in which you will have the top layers of your skin removed. They basically sand it down, but don't worry you will be asleep during this. Then they will give you some ointments or petroleum jellies to apply. You have to keep it nice and wet all the time otherwise it will dry up and crack which is where this will really hurt. Other than that it isn't so bad. Don't be too intimidated from the way it sounds, it is usually cheaper than a laser treatment but achieves nearly the same things. Unless the scarring is very bad in which case a laser treatment is pretty much necessary to remove the acne scars.


Laser Treatments

There are two different forms of laser treatments that you can go for. There is the ablative or resurfacing laser treatments. Ablative takes off the top layers of the skin and burns the scar tissues. Essentially it burns off the scar and allows the body to re-heal correctly this time. Then there is resurfacing treatments they do the same procedure, however they use a carbon dioxide laser.