About Adware

Confirm your computer is running adware. If you find you are suddenly seeing annoying pop-upAdwares, or the computer is running slowly or acting in an unstable manner, you have probably inadvertently downloaded adware. This may be from using peer-to-peer networks, opening a suspicious email or not reading the terms and conditions of a freeware program you have installed.

Adware is also known as spyware.

Things You Will Need

Computer infected with spyware
Internet connection

Step 1

Go to your computer control panel and select "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" if you are using Windows 7. Browse the list of programs and if you see anything that appears to be adware, remove it.

Step 2

Download an Adware Removal Program. Popular free choices are Spybot and Lavasoft Ad-aware.
Install the program according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3

Exit all browser windows and running programs. Disconnect your computer from the internet.
Start the adware clean-up software and select the option of running a full scan, which will scan all drives on your PC.

Step 4

Once the scan is complete, allow the software to remove any suspicious programs.
Look for, and activate the 'immunize' option of the software. This will help prevent your computer from becoming re-infected.


On occasion the adware will have installed by "piggy backing" on another program. Adware may sponsor a freeware program, so if you choose to install the freeware you are also agreeing to the adware. If the adware is erased, the freeware program may stop working.

If you cannot do without the freeware program, instead of telling the adware removal software to completely erase the adware files, you can opt to 'quarantine' them. Your freeware program should then continue to function.

Tips & Warnings

To avoid getting reinfected with adware in the future, be selective about the programs you install, and check the terms and conditions of installing a program carefully.

Keep your operating system updated, and avoid sites that are considered 'bad neighborhoods.' Bad neighborhood sites include sites with adult content, free music or video downloads, software hacks, or free casino type game sites.