What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are one of the commonly found household pests that feed on the blood of human beings and other warm blooded animals. They are very fast moving creatures which come out of their hiding only when it is dark. Their favored shelters within the house are under the mattress, in the cracks of the frame, underneath and in the book shelves, etc. Since household pests are a common nuisance, the following article will discuss how to get rid of bedbugs.

Identifying Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites look similar to mosquito bites. Swollen red welts start showing on the skin, which are very itchy. However, unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites are usually found in clusters, in and around the same area. This is possible because the bed bugs have sharp teeth which they prick in the skin to suck blood and inject their saliva. Their saliva contains certain anticoagulant which averts the coagulation of blood and in addition works as a sedative and prevents any sensation on the victim. So when being bitten, no one senses anything immediately, only realizing it several hours after the incident as the itchy red welts appear

The bed bug bites can be quite itchy and irritating but in rare cases does it cause any serious damage. Besides causing temporary annoyance or mild infection, bed bugs are otherwise harmless insects not known to spread any dangerous disease. It is only in some extraordinary situations that severe allergic reactions may take place. 

Bed Bug Bites
Credit: Medill DC

Ways to Clear Out Bed Bugs

Bed bugs love when a room is dirty and untidy. The first rule to get rid of bed bugs should be cleaning and de-cluttering the house. Organize everything properly and discard all unused clothes, books, sheets, toys etc. These pests usually hide under sheets and mattresses, behind the books or on the curtains. It is advised to wash all the curtains, bed covers etc. in hot water. This kills the insects and also destroys their larvae if any. It is good to turn the mattress regularly and put it out in the sun once in a while. It will be great if the area in and around the bed is vacuumed frequently.

Alternatively, some pesticides are known to effectively eliminate all signs of bed-bugs. The downside is that they may have adverse effects on the human inhabitants of the house and their pets. Therefore, it must be used very carefully, in that caution be taken so that it does not enter the mouth, eyes or food. 

If still the problem persists, it is wise to call a professional pest-control service. They are well equipped to remove even the last trace of any insect.

Post-Extermination Maintenance

Once the house has got rid of bed bugs, it is good to keep checking for any signs of reappearance. They generally attack the bare surface of the body, especially the face, hands, neck, back or legs. Any signs of bed bug bites may mean they have come back again. Keep a tab under the mattress or behind the book shelves. It is advised to maintain weekly domestic hygiene as these insects will not live in a clean and clutter-free house.