Step 1

Wash all clothes in hot water even if you think clothing is clean. You can use your regular laundry detergent and one capful of Clorox for whites only. Get plastic boxes and heavy duty plastic bags to put away clothing. At least for a month until you are sure you haven't seen one.

Step 2

Cover all mattresses, beddings, futons and sofas with heavy plastic coverings, resistant against dust mites and bed bugs. You should also get an encasement to prevent any tears. You can buy inexpensive ones at a local home bedding and furniture place for 5 to 10 dollars. Make sure every cover you buy has a good sealing zipper, meaning no gaps or easily torn with hands. Bed bugs should die within a year when sealed in the mattress because their is no air or blood they can feed on even though they can live off of no food for a year, they still need oxygen to breathe.

Step 3

Mop walls and floors with Clorox. Why the walls? Because we are not able to cover all creases and cracks with plaster all day and Clorox brings them out while alcohol kills them. You might not be able to catch one during the day but definitely at night. Prepare a spray bottle and fill it up with alcohol, if you can buy the 90% instead of the 70% alcohol normally sold, it is the best. Take a rag or sponge and wipe tables and electronics or other furnishings with alcohol.

Step 4

After taking a bath and putting on your pjs, rub some alcohol on yourself. This will prevent any biting that you might not feel. I have tried this myself. I write from experience. I no longer have bed bugs. I have three children ages 6, 9, and 17. I have cried and watched my family get bitten night after night. These bed bugs have traveled with us on our hair and clothes. It is disgusting and embarrassing. I have tried many products and the simplest of them all, were the ones I already owned.

A few pointers:

* As of Wednesday, May 13, 2009, in an article at Yahoo, it was reported that nothing sold on the internet or in stores have been able to kill bed bugs.

* It is resistant to even the toughest of exterminators worldwide.

* It is said that these critters are the best of hitchhikers.

* Don't blame yourself for this epidemic, it doesn't come from mess, even the cleanest of places are infested with these tiny vampires.

* It is best to start these procedures when children are away from home, due to the fumes of alcohol and Clorox.

* Have all windows open or central AC when cleaning.

* Even after, you might see one or two bugs running around loose but a spray bottle filled with alcohol will kill them on contact.

Things you will need:

* A gallon of alcohol.
* Mattress covers and pillow covers especially made for resistance against dust mites and bed bugs.
* Clorox.
* Heavy duty plastic boxes and plastic bags.