The sad truth is that we all have toxins in our bodies. Need a proof? Ok. If you get sick at least three times per year, if it is difficult for you to get up early in the morning, if you from time to time have some pimples on your skin, if you often feel weakness, if you r digestion is far from good, if you skin and hair are not glowing, if your mind is not sharp, etc. - if you have some of these, or all of them, the chance that you have toxins in your body is high.

What causes toxins to build?

There can be many causes; we will mention the most common. So let's start with water - well not the water itself but with drinking of water. The statistic is that the majority of people drink much less water than required. How much is required? An adult person should drink at least 6-8 and more glasses of water every day during warm period of year, and at least 6 during winter time. Some of you may thing that it is not a big amount of water, but it should be pure water, not any other liquid like juice or tea or coffee is included! The necessity of drinking enough amount of water is there because water takes part in all the cell processes in our body, especially in the process called metabolism. And as a part of this process water also helps to take the toxins out of our body. If there is not enough water intakes, toxins remain inside.

Another cause is overeating. It is a real, solid cause. All the food that comes in larger quantities then required, goes directly into waste and forms toxins. How to determine how much food we need to eat per meal? See further.

Next cause which is closely related to the previous one is bad chewing. I'm going to tell you a secret: with good chewing (in a sense of quality and quantity) even a bad food can be digested or taken out of the body with minimal impact. Why? Because chewing is a part of digestion, the rate is up to 50 per cent from stomach digestion. How long to chew? The answer is 30 times and more per every piece or spoon of hard food you place into your mouth.

Next cause of body intoxication is low high fiber food intake. What is fiber food? Raw food like vegetables and fruits, berries and green leaves, whole grains and cereals, breads made of rough flour, etc. These foods contain a lot of fiber that cleanses intestines.

Another cause is lack of physical exercises. Our body is a dynamic machine; even blood vessels are muscles! If your muscles are not working they degrade, and the body starts to malfunction, accumulating the toxins inside because it cannot get rid of them.

And we need to mention stress as well. Our mind affects our body in a much higher degree then we used to think. Just remember what happens when a young man thinks of a beautiful girl? Got it? So if we experience stress all the time, it causes our body to become sick, which in turn leads to toxin accumulation.

Ok, I think that's enough for the causes; of course these are not the only ones; there are environment, the quality of foods, our body susceptibility to different diseases, etc.

So what to do? Well, in a long run you simply need to get rid of those causes mentioned above. Oh, I forgot to mention eating too much sweets and synthetic food additives. And nevertheless, what practical steps should we make to get rid of toxins in a reasonably short period of time?

Start simple. Let's say, it will cost you almost nothing and will take a time of a month or two. Start drinking enough water every day, as I mentioned above. Chew more. Eat less, and implement high fiber foods into your meals. Try to not eat bytes between the meals; instead of it drink plain water. Start doing exercises at least 30 minutes every day. Practice deep breathing (How it can help? Simple - deep breathing accelerates metabolism, which is also in charge of taking the toxins out of your body), have a walk from time to time on a fresh air. Reduce the amounts of stress - do this by practicing relaxation, like shavasana (see some yoga book) for at least 5-15 minutes a day. During fruit juices, like apple juice. Go to bed earlier, and don't watch a TV before at least an hour when you go to the bed. Don't read newspapers or horror books at night either.

If you do it for a month or two, you will experience a feeling of light in your body, you will see that your mind became sharper, and you need less time for sleeping.

Ok. And now an express method for those who cannot wait. But do you understand that one has to pay more for getting faster results? Ok, let's go.

For one week, eat light food like steamed vegetables, and drink 1 liter of apple juice a day (if you can't drink that juice, change it with pineapple or orange). Then fast for a day or two. If you feel that your body is not so much heavy with toxins, you can start with fasting right away. You can drink hot water if you like. After that make a clysters, or Shankh - Prakshalana (or Basti - all this is from yoga) - I'm not going into details, see books on yoga and Ayurveda like "Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha" by Satyananda Sarasvati. After that procedure, take some boiled rice with butter (not much butter) and a little bit of salt. If everything done correctly, you will feel almost like flying above the ground. Yes, this is my experience!

After that, to prevent further intoxication, try to follow the above mentioned recommendations and avoid the causes of that intoxication. Good luck!