Running into the edge of the coffee table, tripping and falling over a shoe in the middle of the hallway or bumping your arm against something next to you can all give you a bruises.  We all get them from time to time.  Bruises happen when you bluntly hit something against your skin and the vessels underneath your skin burst.  This is what causes your skin to be a dark purple or blue color.  As the area heals it will turn brown just before your skin starts to heal.

bruiseCredit: Morgue File

You may find that you get a bruise at the worst time possible.  You may have a wedding to go to just a few days after you get injured, or want to go to the beach to show off your new bathing suit.  Whatever the reason may be, you probably want to get your skin looking normal as quick as possible.

Preventing a bruise can be one of the best ways for you to avoid them at all costs..  You can prevent yourself from easily bruising by eating a good diet.  Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is extremely helpful.  Also taking an adequate amount of Vitamin C is helpful to help you heal from your bruises quickly.  Vitamin C can boost your immunity and your healing time.

One way to rid yourself of bruises quickly is to limit the bleeding that is happening underneath the skin.  You can do this by putting a cold compress on the area such as an ice pack or a cool wet cloth.

Massaging the area where you have gotten the bruise is important.  This will get the blood flowing again and will help you heal your bruises quickly.  While it may be painful, it is helpful to reduce the healing time.  Having someone else massage the area for you may be a better way to go about this method.

Arnica gel is known to relieve joint pain and muscle aches, but it is well known to help heal bruises faster as well.  Simply rub this gel onto the area while you massage it in.  This is considered a homeopathic way to heal yourself and is very similar to an anti inflammatory medication without the harmful side effects.

Rubbing olive oil onto and around your bruise is one way to heal your bruises quickly.  This is a natural way that will get you onto healing time quickly.  You can do this with the massaging method and do two of them at once for an effective way to rid your bruises.

The final way to treat bruises is to just give it time.  I know you probably want to get rid of your bruise quickly, but sometimes all the treatments in the world isn’t enough and time is what you really need to get rid of bruises quickly.  If you do have an important event you want to attend, and want to hide the bruise, try using cover up on the area.  Cover up can help blend the bruise in to look like your natural skin color.