Cold sores can be a nasty and embarrassing problem, as they result from contracting oral herpes. They're caused by an infection from the herpes simplex virus and typically appear as blisters on the lip. In addition to being a gross sight, they can cause a lot of itching and hurt if you try to pick at them. The virus itself can lie dormant in your system and manifest itself as blisters on your facial skin. When the virus becomes active, its associated symptoms in the form of cold sores can take up to two weeks to heal. But why wait that long to treat them? Fortunately, there are some good ways that will show you how to get rid of cold sores fast.

One of the most common ways to get rid of cold sores fast is by using prescription drugs and antibiotics. The pain and symptoms associated with the blisters can be alleviated in the short term with painkillers including ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen. It's recommended not to use these painkillers for extensive periods of time though. Other topical ointments and mouthwashes can also help you deal with the symptoms. There are also many organic herbal remedies available that can help treat the blisters. Examples of these include herbal teas and melaleuca oils, also known as tea tree oils.

Your diet can also play a role in how fast your cold sores can be treated. Foods such as oranges and French fries which contain a lot of acidic ingredients and salty concentrations can make the symptoms associated with oral herpes even worse. Drinking plenty of fluids including water and juices made from non citric fruits can help get rid of cold sores fast.

Another good tip is to apply a layer of petroleum jelly onto the blistered areas in order to safeguard it from infections. Avoid scratching and irritating the areas. Use warm water and a gentle soap to clean the blistered areas. Applying ice or teabags (which contain ingredients with antiviral capabilities) to the affected areas can help slow the spread of the virus to other areas. The ice in particular can help numb the itching and pain. Another cold sore remedy involves applying some lemon balm (melissa officinalis) to the affected areas a couple of times each day to help relieve pain and speed up the healing process for the blisters.

Staying fit and maintaining good health is one important thing you can do to help prevent the next case of cold sores. Existing medical conditions along with other variables such as stress can contribute to activating the virus to unleash its payload.