As a pet lover, I have a dog and a cat, and both have their very own unique issues to deal with. Since my dog is quite large, that is the first smell I notice when I enter the home, especially in the colder months when the windows are shut and the heating is on.

I would use an air freshener if company was to come over, or put out those charcoal odor eaters around the house, but no matter what I tried it always had a smelly dog smell on top of the nicer scent.

Other dog lovers didn’t really notice, but if we are considering selling our home, prospective buyers may not be that thrilled.How to Get rid of dog smellsCredit: Diane Palmer

Here are a few tips to help eliminate smelly dog syndrome from your home.  Some you may need to repeat, but the idea is to attack both the source and the “fall out” areas as I call them.

The “fall out” areas are where your dog spends the most time and the area around it.  For us, it is the couch.  She is 12 years old and 65 pounds, and from the beginning we tried to train her to stay off the couch but it has been a losing battle all these years! 

We purchased a nice bed for her, but in fact that has actually added to the odours in the house, so check out these tips and see if even one of these ideas will help you keep your home smelling nice or at least neutral.

Start with the Source of the Odour

Have you ever been cuddling with your pooch either on the couch or the floor and as you were petting him or her that odd smell hit you, like musty or maybe something died?  My dog loves to roll around outside, and even though we inspect her before allowing her inside, she does end up with a “odd perfume” that I am sure she thinks is awesome.


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Water-less Bath

If it is simply not convenient to stick your dog in the tub, or it is the dead of winter and this is a chore you usually do outside, and professional grooming is not in the budget, then check out this waterless bath.

I use this all the time on my doggy.  She actually prefers it to a bath, and it is so quick and easy.  You simply spray it on, rub it in, and then take a clean towel (keep one just for them) and dry her off.  It gets rid of those smells that she may have rolled in or simply her natural “doggy smell”. 

It conditions as well, so you can use it often.

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Dog Bath

If you can wash your dog properly in the tub or laundry sink, then use a non drying shampoo specifically designed for them, don’t use your shampoo!  This way you can do this often without drying their skin. 

My dog is large and won’t climb in the tub (even with a towel in the bottom) and if she shakes, the next job would be cleaning my entire bathroom, so we save full on shampoo time for the summer months outdoors, and use the waterless type for the winter months.  But if you can wash your pooch indoors, get a gentle shampoo.

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It is best if you can give them a good brushing first before using any products, because dead matting hair can become quite smelly too.  So get rid of the loose tufts and give her skin a good brushing.

This may be enough to get rid of the smells.  Clean out the brush and bin the excess hair and fur and then wash the brush so that you don’t transfer the smelly dog syndrome to a brush that now stinks up your closet.

You could also try grooming them yourself if the fur or hair is too long or if the groomer is not in the budget, you can get groomer sets online that give you great instructions.  Once you have got rid of dead and smelly fur, you dog will smell great and less likely to leave odours in the “fall out zones”.

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Dog Deodorant

Some breeds of pooches are simply smelly.  No matter how many times you groom them or shampoo them, they just have that “perfume” about them; in this case, you could try a deodorant that is specifically designed for canines so your house is not stinky.

This is one way to eliminate the stinky dog syndrome.

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Stinky Dog Bed - Get a Totally Washable One

Many of these beds look awesome in the store, all puffed up and comfy that you would even sleep in one, but fast forward a few months, and it is beaten down, dirty and stinky.  They don’t wash well at all.  They say the covers can be washed, but my dog would be quite capable of stinking up the foam or stuffing inside therefore never getting rid of the odour.

We switched her to a completely washable bed.  You can get all kinds of them.  I then make a point of washing in the machine often.  This was the largest source of the “stinky dog” in our house.

Smelly House - Furniture

Once you have dealt with the source of the stinky, it is now time to attack the “fall out zones”.  In my house that is the couch.

You can have it steamed or shampooed, but I have found the quickest way to deal with odours on my fabric furniture is to sprinkle baking soda on the couch or chair and leave overnight and then vacuum.  This has dealt with a lot of “wet dog” issues I have ended up with on my furniture.

Test your couch first, but baking soda is pretty harmless and I have never had it bleach anything, but maybe check a small spot to make sure.

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This can be a huge source of odour.  I have area rugs that yes, I could roll them up and take them to the dry cleaners, but that gets expensive, and it is a huge pain to do, so I use Carpet Fresh.  This is a baking soda based product, and you sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it overnight or at least an hour or so then vacuum it up.

You can also use plain baking soda, but I just happen to like the one designed for pets, it has a nice scent.  The added bonus is that it makes your vacuum cleaner smell nice too.  

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Vacuum Cleaner - Huge Source of Odour

Make sure you empty the canister often.  I didn’t realize just how smelly my vacuum cleaner could smell until I hauled it out of the closet.  My dog sheds like crazy so I am always vacuuming, but that dead stinky fur and dander accumulates in the canister, so it can give off that doggy smell as soon as you start it up again, so try and empty it after each vacuuming chore.

Some More Ideas

Using products you have around the house such as vinegar and baking soda and dish soap can really clean up doggy smells too, as in the above video.  So don't just put up with the odour, attack it.