Drugstore beetles are tiny, oval-shaped brown bugs that can be a nuisance in your home. While they do not bite humans, these annoying critters eat a lot of food (making the food inedible); they can even eat toxic chemicals! They can be extremely challenging to get rid of but here are some tips to start out with:

  1. Search around the affected room(s) and see if there are locations where there are many drugstore beetles. They are often found in dark, somewhat warm places near foodsources. They love dried foods so areas where such items are stored is a good place to look. They may also be found near books as they like eating the glue that binds books together.

  2. Once you found the source of the infestation, throw out any food that have been compromised with these bugs. The food will most likely have eggs in them which will make cleanup more difficult. Throw out the food immediately (you dont want to leave the affected food in your trashcan where they can infest other nearby areas). If there are any questionable items, throw them out. If you do not wish to do that, you could put it in a ziplock bag and see after a week or so if it shows any signs of drugstore beetle infestation.

  3. Once you have thrown away any contaminated items, kill any visible bugs. You can do this by using a vacuum and sucking up all the beetles.  While you could also kill the bugs by hand, it's not ideal for two reasons.  First, if there are a lot of beetles, it may get tedious.  Secondly, a vacuum will pick up any eggs eggs that may be on the floor as well as any pieces of food that may be attracting the bugs.

  4. If all else fails, call the exterminator.  However, keep in mind that the steps listed above may take some time and repeated efforts before you start to see an improvement in the infestation level.