Treating your dog for fleas used to be very simple with all the chemicals that we used to use. However, recently people have striven to go more for the natural route so that they don't harm their beloved dogs. This makes a lot of sense since the chemicals can cause a lot of problems with your dogs.


One important thing to note though is that spot treatments are much easier. If a little extra work for your dog doesn't scare you off then we can keep going with some of the different oils that should help you keep your dog flea free!


When to Start Flea Proofing

Fleas start popping up around spring and are usually in full force by summer time. So getting a head start in winter is going to really help you keep a handle on things. Make sure you don't wait until spring cleaning at least, because by then it could be too late.


Also notice that since most homes have centralized air they stay nice and warm in the winter and fleas can continue their breeding cycle throughout unless they are properly controlled. They love to hide in warm corners out of the light so they aren't spotted as easily.


Treat Your Dogs Environment

If you dog gets fleas he will spread it to his sleeping area and other places he frequents. This is why you should start out by washing his bedding and using 3-5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a warm wash if possible. Fleas hate eucalyptus and will stay away from your dogs bedding, while the hot wash will kill any fleas and dust mites that might already be in its bedding.


You will also want to vacuüm on a regular basis, especially those dark corners I told you about before. If you ever do get fleas in your house this will be their breeding grounds. Make sure to get real close to the walls, if you have any gap in your carpet and your wall they will get down in there and hide. When cleaning the floors you want to use lavender essential oil around on draperies, carpet, furniture, ETC. I would get a spray bottle and do your mixture in there then just spray it around the house.


Killing Fleas On Your Dog

Now this is the mixture you will want to use on your dog to kill all the fleas he might pick up. Use a natural dog shampoo and mix in three drop of lavender, two drops of lemon grass, and finally three drop of citronella oil.


Remember to look around in the bath water for any dead fleas, if you don't see any then you don't have anything to fear yet!