The summer is the worst time of year for fleas. Once they get into your house and onto your animals they can be very difficult to remove without spending a lot of time on carpet powders and flea foggers. It can seem like an endless battle.

In most cases, if you have a little patience, fleas can be captured and removed from your carpet, after your animal has been treated, with just a few household items that you may already have.
This technique may seem a little strange, but friends of mine have used it as well as myself and it actually does catch the fleas.

Things You Will Need

One to three inch deep pan (I use aluminum ones that you can also get at the dollar store.)
Dawn Soap (Any dish soap will most likely work)
Desk Lamp
Tap Water

Step 1

At night when you are ready for bed, just put some water and dish soap into the pan. Place it onto the floor in the middle of your carpet. Place the desk lamp over the pan so that the light is directly over the water. Leave it there over night and in the morning clean out the pan. Do this every night for about a week.
When you wake up in the morning you should have caught several fleas in the water. You can continue to do this until you can see a reduction in the fleas in your home.

Tips & Warnings

It is important that you treat your dog first. We have used K9 Advantix that we got cheaper online that works well. If you do not treat your animals first the fleas will just continue to infest your home by jumping off of it and you are unlikely to see much improvement. Also just use common sense and do not place the lamp parts too close to the water. Warn the other household members that it will be there so they do not cause a mess or worse by knocking the lamp or pan over.