You Don't Have to Be a Beautician to Figure This Out!

Are you wondering how to get rid of greasy hair fast?

Do you suspect that your hair stylist has some secret knowledge that would instantly transform your bad hair days into a good hair days if you only had access to it?

Actually, all you need to do are these three simple things to get rid of greasy, oily hair forever.

What to Do for Oily Hair?

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Hands Off For Healthier Hair

Avoid adding extra oil to your hair by touching it

Keeping your hands off your hair (and your face) doesn't sound like a big deal, does it? As it turns out though, breaking the habit of putting your hands—and especially your oily fingertips—on your scalp and hair is the cheapest, easiest way to solve your greasy hair problems.

When you touch your hair or scalp with your fingers, you transfer the body oils from them to your hair. If you are already struggling with excessive oil production from your scalp, the last thing you need to do is add more oil and grease into the mix.

Buy an inexpensive bottle of witch hazel, which is an astringent and cuts right through grease, at the drugstore or grocers. Pick up a bag of cotton balls or pads while you are at it, and you'll have everything you need. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Before you wash, dry or style your hair, put a small amount of the witch hazel on the cotton pad and swab off your fingertips.
  2. Wash your hair as usual, but before you dry or style it, put some more witch hazel on another cotton ball and dab it all over your scalp.
  3. Cleanse your fingertips again and then massage the witch hazel into your scalp.

This helps close the pores as well as removes any residue that may still be clinging to the hair shafts. As a plus, it also removes bacteria that can clog pores and cause the sebaceous glands to produce too much oil.

Ditch That Brush

Busting the 100 strokes a night for healthy hair myth

Mom (or someone else) may have told you that brushing your hair 100 strokes every night was the best way to have glistening, shiny locks, and that may or may not be applicable for you depending on your hair type. However, if you are prone to oily hair, then excessive brushing will lead to  shinier locks, but not the kind that you want. Brushing stimulates the circulation and increases the blood flow to the scalp, which can kick the oil glands into overdrive. Limit brushings and keep your brush scrupulously clean.

Clean your brush with the same hair care products you use to shampoo your hair, and give it a final rinse with witch hazel to sanitize it. Let it air-dry overnight, and wash it every two to three days to help fight oily hair problems.

Do You Really Want to Use That on Your Hair?

Some cosmetic ingredients do more harm than good

Washing your hair too often strips away the natural oils, dries the hair, and encourages your scalp to produce more oil than needed. However, washing with the wrong type of shampoo is just as bad as washing your hair too much and will cause similar problems.

The best shampoo for oily hair is one that does not contain any silicone or moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients are unnecessary for hair that is already too greasy. Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and ammoniuma lauryl sulfate are also problematic as these are harsh detergents (surfactants) that leach the moisture from the hair shaft and strip the oil from the scalp.

Read the labels carefully when shopping for your hair care products and look for shampoos that are labeled as volumizing, clarifying or formulated for oily hair. Make sure they don't include any of the harmful ingredients listed here. Additionally, do your due diligence and research any ingredient names that you don't recognize (or can't pronounce). Odds are if you can't pronounce it or recognize what it is, you probably don't want to take the risk of putting it on your hair!

Buy the smallest possible size bottle or tube for your first trial of the product. That way, if it does not perform to your expectations, you haven't wasted a lot of money. Ask the retailer about his or her refund policy before you make a final purchase as most are happy to replace or make a refund for a product that is unsatisfactory.

The Simple Way to Lustrous Locks

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Fast

How do you get rid of greasy, oily hair quickly? It's as easy as establishing a good hair care routine and sticking to it religiously. Here's some tricks to help you degrease your hair quickly and inexpensively:

  1. Touch your hair as infrequently as possible with your bare hands and keep the scalp clean but not overly dry.
  2. Brush as needed and keep your brush, comb and other styling utensils clean and sanitized.
  3. Use a dry shampoo to freshen the hair in between shampoos if necessary.
  4. Limit the use of hair conditioners, but if you must use them, apply them only to the ends of the hair.
  5. If frizziness is a problem, put a minute amount (think one teeny, tiny drop) of pure olive oil on clean fingertips and smooth over the hair to close the cuticle and reduce the frizzy appearance.
  6. Use the proper hair care products for your hair. Experiment until you find the brand that gives you the results you want.
  7. If possible, let your hair air dry and do not use a hair dryer. The heat of the hair dryer can dry the scalp and cause it over-produce oil because the scalp thinks it is too dry.
  8. Limit or stop using appliances such as curling irons or heated rollers to style your hair for the same reason. The excessive heat not only over-dries the scalp, it also dries and damages the hair.

You can have shiny, bouncy hair without suffering from the embarrassment of limp, lank and greasy hair by following these simple tips. When you know that your hair looks great, it boosts your confidence level and you feel better about yourself. A better self-image can lead to improved job performance, reduced stress and a healthier attitude.