There are several ways to get rid of hemorrhoids faster than it started. These cures however, are not going to be of any use if the cause of the problem is not dealt with first. The causes for hemorrhoids are simple things that we normally take for granted, like sitting or standing for too long a period at a time, sitting on the toilet for too long or lifting heavy objects even. The thing is that the problem doesn't really lie there but in our own health. Preventing it altogether is a better idea, and the only steps to be taken are to eat healthier foods and adopt a balanced diet. If this type of lifestyle is followed, hemorrhoids will not affect you unless you are really unlucky.

Getting rid of hemorrhoids is going to be a painful two step process. Before it can be healed, you have to understand what needs to be dealt with. Hemorrhoids are veins in the anus or rectum that are swollen and have become irritable. These irritations include itching, burning and constant pain. The steps to starting to cure it are to cure the symptoms in order to get rid of irritation so as to be able to concentrate on other things and go on with your life. But curing the symptoms is an endless dilemma, and this is not something that is cured in a day. There are only temporary relief options that can keep you happy and going for a while. Some of the best suggestions are to take a cotton ball and soak it in vinegar, dab the affected area with the vinegar. This will relieve the itching and the burning around the area as well. Plus the vinegar helps to bring the swelling of the vein down and reduces the chances of a blood clot. Sitting on a doughnut pillow also seems to help, even if it's only for a while before it also becomes uncomfortable.

There have been endless speculation regarding the subject of how to get rid of hemorrhoids, although it is a common vein problem, caused by an increased pressure inside the rectum which places undue pressure on sensitive parts .it is found amongst men with a very unhealthy diet and amongst woman more cases have been reported as giving birth is one of the reasons as well as the mans natural body strength being more than that of a woman which means they are more susceptible to heavy lifting injuries as well as hemorrhoids. One of the common most unexpected causes can be an infection in the rectum or anus as well as constipation, leading to too long periods between stools which are caused by a lack of fiber in the diet. The problem persists in almost 40% or more of the cases reported due to an insufficient dietary fiber intake as well as other critical elements needed to keep the veins, colon, rectum and all the connected parts working properly. Doctors are often confused as the symptoms of hemorrhoids are very similar to the symptoms of anal fissures or even colon cancer and it is also often misdiagnosed. If however there is blood in the stool, a doctor needs to be contacted and enlightened on the situation as soon as possible as this is never a good thing.

The problem is not necessarily, how to get rid of hemorrhoids, but more about listening to what your body tells you. When your tired of sitting in a certain chair which is less than comfortable, your body tells you that it is not comfortable and that's when you try to adjust your seating only to find that your still not comfortable. You should get a different chair because it can lead to hemorrhoids. It is advised to inspect your anus or rectum by using a mirror. If there are unusual dark marks surrounding the area and sitting becomes increasingly uncomfortable, you should see a doctor as it could be the starting symptoms and if nothing is done about hemorrhoids it can lead to more severe instances of Thromboses hemorrhoids, which is the extensive swelling of an already swollen vein and can lead to blood clots and other related problems.

Getting rid of hemorrhoids is actually very easy as the products on the market all work. Some just a little faster than others and for this reason is more or less popular. The product that should be looked at is anything that includes pilewort (ranunculusficaria) in its list of ingredients. What makes the pilewort more attractive is the fact that it can be used as an ointment or cream which when applied to the problem area, will not only cure the symptoms but also cure the hemorrhoid itself. It can also be ingested as a tea which does the exact same, only from the inside. It is advisable to apply it in both ways so the healing process can proceed from inside and out, this way, the problem should be solved faster.

Another way of getting rid of hemorrhoids includes the use of herb horse chestnut which contains an alcholate that has anesthetic and anti inflammatory combatants. This can also be ingested in a number of ways and works very well, very fast. Home remedies are actually not suggested for hemorrhoids as these remedies, if administered incorrectly, can cause the problem area to be worsened as it is already very sensitive. In the event of something going wrong during normal treatment, a doctor should always be on call as you cannot really see how far the problem has progressed. This condition should not be taken lightly as the extensive damage to the vein could lead to a need for anal surgery and the blood clots, if persistent, could cause a heart attack if a small piece were to fracture from it and travel through the bloodstream. Therefore it is always a good idea to visit the doctor regularly to track the healing process and know how to get rid of hemorrhoids.